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Hauz Khas Delhi 2022 – Want to know about Hauz Khas Village timings?

The Hauz Khas Delhi Village aka HKV in South Delhi is an urban hangout hotspot as well as a heritage place. If you want a complete guide for tourism of Hauz Khas Delhi, then you are at the right place.

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Famous for

All types and types of restaurants, parties, art, shopping, photography, historical and relevant experiences, Islamic academic centers, extraordinary architecture, streets.

Entry fee

There is no entry fee for the typical Haus village entrance like that, despite the rules or individualistic and different costs for various pubs and shops in the village. This village is open to all.

Visit time

The typical thirsty complex is open from 10:30 to 19:30 from Monday to Saturday, while the restaurant and pub continue to display the night until 1 noon. After 12:30 a strict police supervision and PCR patrols began.

Duration of the visit

Typical visits to a typical Hauz village can last anywhere between 2 and 6 hours.

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Hauz is a typical village

HKV in South Delhi is a perfect combination of a beautiful past touch with Raving Raving present. Along with the mosque, reservoir, ancient example of the grandeur of the Delhi Sultanate architecture, luxury with fauna and flora this place proudly also boasts the best party in the city. This is one place all Delhiites like to hate. Even though it climbed in that place, it handed over other choices in the city to shop, eat or generally enjoy vibration!

In the entry of a beautiful extensive reservoir that itself is fun for the senses, is a beer garden. Featured with the beauty of greenery and landscapes, it is a breeding place for peacocks, guinea pigs, rabbits, deer, and long lists of various birds, animals, and insects that admire the garden.

Light show and sound

The tourism department is a necessity to attend to get insight into the history and splendor of the territorial and architecture of this complex.
Enjoy hip nights and occurrence on uber bar / DJ with all luxury accessories such as fake mustaches for use, some ultra-cool music for dancing, and good food in the living room. Long on free Wi-Fi, unlimited tea, and fresh availability of corgi in Kunzum. And when you are here, read some good travel books too. Activate your heart and then shop again at various crazy outlets here gives you the choice for everything damn – O Layla, People’s Organicadmire some good and superior work. Art-you akin, Delhi Art Center.

The best time to visit

The months between October to March are the best months to visit South Delhi, where typical thirst is there. Summer is very hard and so is winter here. Even though to visit typical thirst, you only need to have a party mood and really a certain time from every time a certain month will be converted to the best when you visit here! You only need to choose your favorite pub and gang.

How to reach

Take a taxi from anywhere in the city of Delhi arrive at a well-articulated destination in the typical Haus village. If you choose to reach here by bus, the closest bus stop from here is called typical thirst, at Aurobindo Marg.
If you are a metro, there is a typical metro station itself and also at Green Park, on the yellow line.

Interesting facts and trivia about typical Hauz village

The etymology of the two words Hauz is typical in Persian means ‘Hauz’ = tank and distinctive = ‘royal’ which means the kingdom water tank related to the water tank where the entire structure is built. This is also known as Mehak Ka Chota Quila built around the water tank. Construction can be traced back to the 13th Sultanate Delhi administration. The Delhi Tourism Department organizes light and sounds showing every night that explains historic stories behind the planned complex running well, maybe also the Indian first-night bazaar to come soon here- “Eco Night Bazaar”.

Nearby attractions

Tombjama Masjidchandini Humayun Chowk Qutub Minar and Complex Fort Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple nearby Restaurants
Match Box Maquina capsule by Hinglish Manda-Ethnic Sea Food the Deck out from Boxte Beer Cafeali Baba Caves bull Dreams kingdom.

Entry fee

  1. 2,999 per person (diamond) on weekdays (Tue-Fri)
  2. 3,999 per person (diamond) on weekends
  3. 2,499 per person (platinum) on weekdays (Tue-Fri)
  4. 2,999 per person (platinum) on weekends
  5. 1,999 per person (gold) on weekdays (Tue-Fri)
  6. 2,499 per person (gold) on weekends
  7. 1,499 per person (silver) on weekdays (Tue-Fri)
  8. 1,999 per person (silver) on weekends
  9. 1,249 per person (bronze) on weekdays (Tue-Fri)
  10. 1,499 per person (bronze) on weekends
  11. 600 per person (sewer culture) on weekdays


  1. Cell, Wednesday, Thursday, JUM
  2. 12:30 – 12:00 a.m.
  3. Saturday, Sun.
  4. 12:00 PM – 12:00 a.m.

Read less time

  1. Cell, Wednesday, Thursday, JUM
  2. 12:30 – 12:00 a.m.
  3. Saturday, Sun.
  4. 12:00 PM – 12:00 a.m.
  5. Closed on Monday Jhumroo Show timings: Sel, Thu & Sat- 19:00, Wed & Frous 2:30 Night, Sun- 1:30 PM Zangoora Show timings: Cell 2:30
  6. Afternoon, Wed & Sat-Fri- 7:00 PM, Sun- 6:00 PM Duration of the visit
  7. 4 to 5 hours

Popular for

  1. Pleasant lovers
  2. Finder experience
  3. Wanderers.

Hauz Khas Delhi FAQ

What is Hauz Khas famous for?

Hauz Khas is typical of one of the plushest markets in Delhi. The typical Hauz market is very famous for its unlimited range of cafes and restaurants. Apart from Hangout places, there are various main clothing brand shop outlets in India that are famous for their extensive collection of clothing.

Is Hauz Khas safe?

Hauz is a typical popular village in the young crowd of Delhi. This is definitely not safe, but I don’t know whether the typical Hauz Village will be blamed for it fully. It’s more about the mentality of people here. There are many unsafe places for women at night in this city, not just a typical Hauz village.

Is Hauz Khas open now?

Special Hauz Complex Opens from Monday until Saturday between 10:30 am and 19:00 and stay closed on Sunday.

Who built Hauz Khas in Delhi?

While Lake Hauz is typically built by Khilji, the surrounding monument was built by the ruler of Tuxlaq, Feroz Shah Tuxlaq between 1352 and 1354 M. Hauz is typical, the 14th-century water body built during the Alauddin Khilji administration, and the city’s mother wall, Siri fortress, maybe Immediately illuminated.

What is special in Hauz Khas village?

Hauz Village is typical, with a pity called HKV or Delhi Urban Village, devouring the Islamic seminary or madrasa that has been established in 1352, a mosque, the tomb of Firoz Shah, and six of the most impressive multi-form pavilions with the dome built around the water tank.

Is Hauz Khas village safe for couples?

Hauz Khas Typical Village is one of the favorite places for couples to get along and spend time in privacy and silence. Quite safe to put in Delhi to spend time with loved ones.

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Hauz Khas Delhi

Hauz Khas Village is an historical settlement in the area surrounding the historical Hauz Khas complex, dating back much earlier than the creation of the South Delhi City. The Hauz Khas village was known during the medieval era because of its stunning buildings built around the water tank, which attracted large gatherings of Islamic scholars and students in Hauz Khas to receive Islamic education. Meanwhile, the lake at Hauz Khas was dug for water supplies by the Seery, and it soon became the center of an extensive complex of mausoleums and madrassas catering to Delhis rulers during the fourteenth century. The largest tank, or water storage, built by Khilji was intended to provide water for the inhabitants of Siri (the second medieval city in the Delhi sultanate).

Haus Has village, a part of the City of Delhi, houses the Islamic seminary or madrassa, which was established in 1352, the mosque, the grave of Firoz Shah, and the most spectacularly designed, rounded, six-domed pavillions built around the water tank. Along with a mosque, the water tank, a vintage example of architectural magnificence from Delhis sultanate, lush with wildlife and plant life, Haus Khas Village also proudly boasts the best place to have a party in the city. The light and sound shows conducted by the tourism department are must-sees for an understanding of the history and the territorial and architectural magnificence of this complex. Spread across an intricate network of medieval ruins, hip Hauz Khas village is a prime Delhi destination for shopping, drinking, and eating.

Originally a south Delhi residential enclave, immersed in the greenery of its Hauz Khas Deer Park, Hauz Khas has transformed into an excellent spot for feeling the pulse of the Indian creative scene.

Hauz Khas is also home to historic landmarks, and has easy access to Delhi Metro, making it the go-to spot for many visitors to India, as well as for domestic middle-class visitors from other states of India. As Hauz Khas is now administered as a district, Hauz Khas is also known as the go-to place for other areas such as Mayfair Gardens, Padmini Enclave, Safdarjung Enclave, Hauz Khas village, Kalu Sarai, IIT-Delhi, Shahpur Jat, Asiad Village, Katwaria Sarai, and institutional areas such as on Sirifort Road and Aurobindo Marg. Hauz Khas was established in 1352, and became one of the leading institutions for Islamic learning of Delhi Sultanate, particularly after the fall of Baghbad-Delhi became a major place of Islamic learning. The Delhi Sultanates main fortress lies to the east, abutting the Hauz Khas forest and the township of Shahpur Jat (worth exploring on its own merits).

A massive scaffolding structure was put up in a vacant plot of land in the village by Polish firm M City, and this area is a hotspot for graffiti and street art.