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World of Wonder 2022 – Get Waste To Wonder Park Delhi Ticket Price Now?

Worlds of Wonder is a popular amusement park located in Noida which offers a pleasant and crowded weekend vacation opportunity for all. Be prepared to have a spectacular time and have fun by visiting this amusement park. There are many interesting vehicles designed to satisfy visitors of all ages. No doubt, this place will win the hearts of every adventure lover. Amusement parks offer 20 various rides for sensation seekers, divided into two zones known as La Fiesta, for families and children, and roadshows or teen zones.

world of wonder

This contemporary amusement park has a variety of restaurants and cafes too. This is the perfect place to plan a weekend getaway with friends or family. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a refreshing day in the spacious water park at 10 hectares.

This amusement park zone will offer you a beach-themed wave pool, a lazy river 360 m, 23 unique water slides, and a ride for a very pleasant experience.

You will feel all refreshed after enjoying enthusiasm in this entertainment hub. Also, the world wondering presents to you the largest Go-Karting Line in North India and a man-made lake. Thus, this interesting place has got many offers that everyone will return wholeheartedly.

Wahana & Attractions in Worlds of Wonder (Water Park)

1. Inner sea adventure – up the longest water tunnel style to get the right adventure like underwater sea life. The giant rotating tunnel will splash you directly into the pool.

2. Fast racer – be prepared to slide into the water along with your friend’s group on this giant water slide. Wait no longer and relax truly unforgettable.

3. Boomerango– You will go through various rounds and lumps then again plunge into the splash pool. This surprising water trip is available as a single, double, and group sharing facility to create memories along with family and friends.

4. Raft trips – by twirling around a large slide, enjoy plunge into the water with this one. You have got the option to sit in an inflatable tube to ride individuals or try the boat slide to ride the group.

5. Wave the pool – Enjoy beach life like in the coastal area by heading to the Wonder Wonder area. The wave pool zone has a complete tropical environment, and yes, of course, a refreshing wave will make your day. Also, there are DJ and celebrity events to burn your weekend.

Wahana & Attractions in Worlds of Wonder (Amusement Park)

Adult zone

1. Kono-time mega to spin on this thrilling trip where you will place in the Twirling Hereto base chair. So, enjoy the disco life as it has never been there before with this Putin roller-coaster experience.

2. Beat Big – Set yourself freely when you spin in the air on this exciting journey up and down. This air trip is perfect for adventure lovers.

3. Train Smasher – Now you can drive without limits and pleasure for life with friends by hitting on the Smashers chart. Interactive experiences like driving on the sharpness of the Formula 1 circuit and hitting each other.

Kids Zone

1. Hippity Hop – This is a vintage carnival trip with a journey, music, and lights that are Merry-go-round, a pleasant mood for children. No doubt your little one will love this classic horse trip!

2. Space Shot– Let your children travel to a different world with this trip. This securely planned trip will rise to height and quickly carry it, giving the butterfly effect in their stomach.

3. Comfortable small – as the name suggests, this beautifully designed trip is a miniature form of the Ferris wheel. TOTS, You will be happy to drive it again and again.

4. Shanghai swinger – the old school swing gets an advanced version where you will sway and spin. Adults and children both can enjoy this trip. Don’t forget to balance yourself as you spin at full speed.

5.  Jumper – Jumper is an ideal adrenaline ride for teenagers who is the main evolution of the frog races that we take part in school. When bouncing and spinning, teenagers will enjoy driving on a full swing.

6. Wow Lake – Children, and adults get the opportunity to enjoy a boat ride on this largest man-made lake. Also, beautiful flora and fauna that includes the lake will add to your trip.


Worlds of Wonder is located in Noida, which is easily accessed by car, taxi, or metro. You can take a train from Delhi Airport Metro Station to Sector Noida – 18 Metro Stations. You can take a car or walk to reach the WOW amusement park which is only 2 km from the metro station.

Also, you can travel safely to the amusement park by renting a private taxi from the airport

Kind of need to Worlds of Wonder- Ticket of amusement park tickets
Children (90cm – 129cm) – Daily INR 599.00 per head
Mature (130cm +) – Daily INR 899.00 per head
Sr. Residents (Age 60+) – Daily INR 459.00 per head

Pass water park tickets

Children (90cm – 129cm) – Daily INR 999.00 per head
Mature (130cm +) – Daily INR 1299.00 per head
Sr. Citizen (age 60+) – Daily INR 759.00 per head

Wow passport tickets: INR 1999 per head

You can also buy a wow passport that will allow you to return to the amusement park again at no extra cost. Visitors get 2 visa entries for water parks and 1 visa permit to the amusement park below this pass. You can enjoy unlimited access to all the attractions with this combo pass which includes a vehicle, water slides, a pool of passion, rain dance, music that knocks on feet, boating, and others. You can also take advantage of discounts at various other facilities present in the park.

Places to eat at Worlds of Wonder

1. Punjabi Dhaba – This North Indian food serves a funky food basket located in a late pool. So, Soothe is hungry by eating delicious food like Dal Makhani and Rajma Chawal from here.

2. Cafe Wow – You will find a variety of food choices here to devour after fatigue from a thrilling vehicle. A beautiful place also serves drinks, ice loli, and ice cream. So, the perfect place to go with children.

3. Snack bar– Good with family or friends who don’t like to have some important news among all entertainment, this snack bar will serve you well in this case, because here you will find a lot of delicious snacks.

4. Swimming pool – the destination to the water park to relax and enjoy some cocktails along with lip fast food. This bar provides a luxurious hotel-style atmosphere to the park.

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World of Wonder Company

The production company behind RuPauls Drag Race, Bravos Million Dollar Listing, and HBOs Mapplethorpes RuPauls Drag Race, announced today the launch of a new subscription video service called WOW Presents Plus. Launched in 2017, WOW Presents Plus hosts different international versions of RuPauls Drag Race and a variety of spin-offs; treasures from the BBC archives, like British comedy The Adam & Joe Show; and originals, including the upcoming series Painted With Raven, a series of beauty competitions hosted by Drag Race fan-favorite and Emmy-winning make-up contest hosted by Raven, an Emmy-winning make-up artist. Earlier this year, WOW Presents premiered a pair of half-hour webisodes featuring popular RuPauls Drag Race queens on their WOW Presents YouTube channel – it counts about 840,000 subscribers and logs four million views per week.

World Of Wonders Randy Barbato Fenton Bailey is gearing up for a Drag Race spinoff this weekend in Spain, and he expects the format will be making its way into 10 different territories before long. Produced by Voss Events in partnership with World of Wonder, RuPauls Drag Race Official World Tour returns every year featuring jaw-dropping new productions and out-of-this-world performances by the stars of RuPauls Drag Race. RuPauls Drag Race Live at The Flamingo Casino is directed by RuPaul and Jamal Sims, and features some of the most popular Drag Race queens from around the world, all performing original productions that are inspired by the show RuPauls Drag Race.

World of Wonder Productions television endeavors have been recognized by more than two dozen Emmy nominations and several wins for RuPauls Drag Race, including awards for Best Overall Reality Series and Best Host. World of Wonder is an innovative international entertainment creator of innovative, Emmy award-winning features and television programs. Founded in 1991 by Randy Barbara and Fenton Bailey, World of Wonder produces reality and documentary television programs, feature films, and Internet video content, focusing particularly on sexuality, sexuality, and the erotic subculture.

Portsmouth-born Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato co-founded World of Wonder Productions after meeting at New York Universitys film program for post-graduate students in the mid-1980s, where they originally formed a disco-pop rock duo called The Fabulous Pop Tarts, through their World of Wonder Records label (with a name taken from a British comic book that Bailey had received as a kid). What started casually–they shot each others thesis films before dropping out–became formalized with the 1991 launch of World of Wonder, a production company focused on narrative nonfiction stories, usually those involving the marginalized (TransGeneration, becoming Chaz), the misunderstood (The Eyes of Tammy Faye) and based their careers. YouTube was still over a decade off, but democratization of the means for making videos had begun — something that Bailey and co-founder Randy Barbato tried to foster through first-run shows like Takeover TV, which licensed and featured amateur content.