Tourist Places In Karnataka
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Tourist Places In Karnataka 2022 – The Complete Guide

Located in southern India, the State of Karnataka spreads over the Deccan Plateau. Karnataka is the eighth biggest state in India in both territory and populace. It was in the past known as Mysore. On November 1, 1973, the name Mysore was changed to Karnataka. The name of the land Karnataka, according to scholars, has originated from ‘Kari-Nadu’ which means the land of dark soil and some others hold that ‘Karunadu’ likewise implies a wonderful nation; whichever either way the land is renowned for its beauty throughout its ancient literature.

Tourist Places In Karnataka

The State is located between 74o E and 78o E longitudes and 11oN and 18o N latitudes. The geography of Karnataka is, to a great extent, an impression of the topography of the state. The Sahyadris are secured with evergreen woodlands. They drop unexpectedly towards the Arabian Sea, hence framing a natural barrier between the level and the waterfront areas. Four passes allow access to the coast. They are the Subrahmanya Ghat, the Charmadi Ghat, the Shiradi Ghat, and the acclaimed Agumbe Ghat. The western Ghats slant delicately towards the Bay of Bengal.

This is the plateau region depleted by the two main water bodies, Krishna and the Kaveri. The elevation of the plateau is around 610 meters above sea level. Karnataka’s complex attractions incorporate all that intrigues the guests.

The wildlife sanctuaries at Bandipur, Nagarhole, and Dandeli, the Ranganathittu Bird’s Sanctuary. 5 Km. from Srirangapatna which is itself a notable place of interest, hill stations like Nandi Hills and Kemmannagundi and Mercara, beach resorts like Karwar, Ullal, Malpe and Maravanthe, the globally renowned Brindavan Gardens at Krishnarajasagara, the monolithic sculpture of Gommateshwara at Sharavanabelagola, Gol Gumbaz with its whispering gallery at Bijapur, the Jog Falls and other waterfalls at Shiva Samudram, Magod, Unchelli or Lushington close to Siddapur, Lalguli at Yallapur and different spots demonstrate the assortment and extravagance of the attractions that Karnataka State has in store for the guests.

There are numerous spots of noteworthy and religious significance. The incomparable Acharyas, Shankara, Ramanuja, and Madhwa, lectured in this district. Incredible reformers like Sri Basaveshwara, mathematicians like Baskaracharaya, commentators like Sayana, saint poets like Purandaradasa and Kanakadasa, extraordinary essayists like Pampa, Harihara, and Kumara Vyasa have all advanced the legacy of Karnataka.

Festivals that Boost Tourism in Karnataka

Mysore Dasara

Mysore Dasara is the state celebration of Karnataka. It is a royal festival celebrating the triumph of Truth over Evil.

”Were royalty, craftsmanship, and culture meets. Commending the custom for407 years, where the goddess is situated on the brilliant seat with elephants in the fabulous parade. Where all come together to reveal the past, experience the present & remember it for the future, 133-year-old Monument will tell an incredible story of Mysore Dasara’’.

Mysore is an enthralling destination for travelers, especially during Dasara.

Bangalore Karaga

One of the oldest festivals celebrated in the heart of Bengaluru is the Bengaluru Karaga, a renowned tradition of the ‘Vahnikula Kshatriyas’ community in southern Karnataka.

Legends chronicle the tale of Draupadi, the Pandava’s wife, who took the form of Shakthi Devi and created a huge army of soldiers called the Veerakumaras for defeating Asura. Karaga The people worship Draupadi as an incarnation of Adiparashakti and Parvathi.

Hampi Utsav

This cultural event of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest festival at Hampi. It presents elephants, horses, and locals wearing spectacular outfits exhibiting the military fashion of the Golden Era.

This event revitalizes the grandeur and elegance from the bygone era of the Vijayanagara Empire and is scheduled for 3 days during the first week of November. Shows of music, dance puppet shows fireworks pack the celebrations, ending in a crescendo with a procession as the grand finale showcasing the cultural richness of the place.


A famous cultural festival of Banavasi (Uttara Kannada District) is the Kadambotsava. Celebrated annually, it involves artists from different places in South India who showcase their music, dance, and art forms. Presented on this occasion is the Kannada literature ‘Pamapa Award’ with priority being given to young talents in cultural programs.

Karnataka – Top 15 Destinations and Places to Visit

The topography and landscape of Karnataka serve as an ideal destination for different and captivating tourist locations and tourist spots. Situated amidst Western Ghats, Deccan Plateau, and Kannad Coast, Karnataka is home to different timberlands, seashores, cascades, coffee plantations, lakes, and all the bounties of nature.

The pride of the State is its huge landmarks and structures that draw in guests from far and wide. Culturally unique and vintage, Karnataka has a memorable past and rich legacy for the tourists to discover.

Following is the list of 15 carefully chosen tourist spots that has something for every vacationer.

Bangalore – The City of Diverse Existence

Besting the rundown for the correct reasons in the capital city, Bangalore. The most cosmopolitan city in India, it is a mixture that is home to individuals from various backgrounds, societies, and abilities. It is the center point of InformationTechnology that houses countless software, hardware, and telecom organizations that offer services to customers around the globe.

Also known as the garden city, the vital attractions in Bangalore are Bannerghatta Park, Lalbag Garden, Tipu Sultan Palace, Wonder La Theme park, Aerospace Museum, and VidhanaSoudha to give some examples.

The charming perennial weather makes this city a prime summer vacation destination. The most ideal approach to make a trip to this city is either via train to Bangalore Railway station or via air to Bengaluru International Airport.

Bandipur National Park – In Harmony with Nature

Get as close as possible to natural wildlife in Bandipur National Park. An ideal sanctuary for aficionados of nature who need to get immersed in the sights and sounds of the woodlands.

Try not to miss the Tiger Reserve and the Bird Sanctuary of the national park. The rich fauna and greenery in the reserve will take your breath away. Some of the animals you may come across here are elephants, the spotted deer, antelopes.

This attraction is about 80 km from the Mysore railway station and about 220 km from the airport.

Coorg – Strange but Captivating

Coorg is one of the immaculate, less jam-packed hill stations. Its natural and rich greenery adds to its grand excellence. It is an ideal summer escape.

Coorg offers fragrant coffee plantations, amazing cascades, green mountains, and dazzling perspectives. Another novel attraction of Coorg is the Tibetan Monastery.

Tourists have a lot of options for trekking along coffee plantations, along the rivers, and the scenic mountain paths. There is a local market for any sort of shopping needs. Coorg is around 106 km from Mangalore rail station and around 250 km from the air terminal.

Hampi – An Architectural Marvel

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the banks of the mighty Tungabhadra. The place is home to historical ruins and remnants of the extravagant Vijayanagara Kingdom.

Stone carvings and other artifacts are evidence of the ability and mastery of the craftsmen of the old period. It is ideal for a tourist destination for those who wish to gather new experiences. There are such 500 sublime structures in Hampi, every single one of which has a story of historical relevance.

The Hubli airport is the nearest to Hampi, about 74 km.

Mysore – City of Old World Charm

Mysore is perhaps the oldest city and the second greatest in Karnataka. It was the former capital of the Mysore rulers who controlled the state for centuries up until the twentieth century.

Mysore is one of the few urban areas which has figured out how to maintain its vintage appeal. There are a lot of amazing castles, galleries, sanctuaries, and imposing heritage structures to marvel in Mysore. The charming Brindavan Gardens are additionally one of the significant attractions of this city.

The Bangalore air terminal is around 184 km from Mysore.

Shivanasamudra Falls – Nature’s Fury and Peace

Shivanasamudra waterfalls, situated in the Mandya area of Karnataka is an astonishing sight to see particularly in the rainy months. This is a segmented fall, with streams running corresponding to one another called Gaganachukki and Bharachukki.

The chasm is very deep and swimming isn’t allowed yet vacationers can enjoy in parts where the speed at which the water flows is low. Bangalore air terminal is around 175 km and Mysore station is about 80km from the Shivanasamudra falls

Gokarna – Tranquility at its Best

Gokarna, a minuscule and scarcely populated town is located in the north Kannad region of Karnataka. This is regularly visited by tourists because of its tranquil climate. Gokarna draws travelers with its exciting seashores and religious temples.

Your trip to Gokarna will be incomplete without a tour of the famous Mahabaleshwara temple and absorbing its rich history.

A portion of the mainstream yet quiet seashores in Gokarna are Kudle Beach, Om Beach, and Gokarna Beach. You can appreciate the tranquil sands and exciting water sports in any of these coastal attractions. Gokarna is around 150 km from the Vasco Da Gama air terminal and around 60 km from the Karwar rail station.

Belur and Halebidu – The Majestic Temple Towns

Belur, situated on the banks of the Yagachi stream is the former capital of the Hoysala realm. Because of the rich history encompassing this town, it comprises of different temples with magnificent designs and skillfully created figures

The most notable temple here is the Chennakesava temple, which has enormous columns, perplexing carvings, and life-sized figures. Mangalore air terminal is 170 km from Belur and Hassan is around 25 km. Halebidu is located in the Hassan area of Karnataka. The main temple was constructed to worship lord Vishnuvardhana and Queen Shantala Devi. From the temple, there is this amazing perspective on two hills on the opposite sides which look like two bulls and a Ganesh figure on the southern side. The spot was demolished by the Mughal line and henceforth got the name, “Halebidu” which implies “city in ruins”.

Jog Falls – Will leave you Spellbound!

Jog Falls, tumbling from around 850 feet from the ground is the second tallest waterfall in India.

The portioned falls is an incredible sight, which tourists can enjoy by using the steps to go up to the view highlight appreciate the dazzling perspective on one of nature’s excellent creation.

The sight and sound of the Jog Falls leave a calming and relaxing impact on the guests. Sagar Station is around 28 km from Jog Falls and Hubli Airport is around 130 km away.

Dandeli – Get set for Adventure

In the past few years, Dandeli has developed and turned into a coveted tourist destination. It is a hot-spot for adventure tourism because of its uneven landscape designed for trekking, its plentiful green woodlands, and intriguing wildlife. Dandeli is the ideal bundle for the adrenaline junkie.

The Kali River in Dandeli offers boating and kayaking activities. Hubli air terminal is around 55 km from Dandeli.

Udupi –Taste of Authentic Karnataka

Udupi, a town close to Mangalore sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats is broadly known for 2 things – Temples and Food.

The excellent and immense Sri Krishna temple in Udupi draws in devotees from everywhere in the world.

There is likewise a Shiva temple here which is believed to be over 100 years old. The “Udupi Cuisine” has become an easily recognizable name among food epicureans for delightful south Indian food with the extraordinary Udupi flavor. Udupi is around 60 km from Mangalore air terminal and it has its very own railroad station, the Udupi rail station.

Nandi Hills –Reach the Zenith of Beauty

Nandi Hills, situated toward the east of Bangalore, offers its guests perfect lakes, immortal landmarks, temples, and picturesque perspectives from hilltops.

The best attraction of this hill resort is the cool and foggy climate which takes the tourists to a totally different world, away from the dullness and clamor of urban communities.

Bengaluru air terminal is about an hour from Nandi Hills.

Chitradurga Fort – A Fortified Marvel

This extraordinary landmark located in the town of Chitradurga is an archeological miracle. This fortress holds immense historical importance as it has stood tall since the reign of Chalukyas.

The area around this post is embellished by towering hills with the peak providing an amazing view of a valley.

This spot is available from Chitradurga Rail station and Bengaluru air terminal which is around 200 km.

Bijapur – Bask in Royalty

In the event that you need a taste of royalty in your excursion to Karnataka, Bijapur is the spot to go. Bijapur features the way of life and culture of the Islamic Dynasty that existed there. You can appreciate the mosques, royal residences, mausoleums, etc.

A portion of the renowned structures here is Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur Fort, and Gagan Mahal. Bijapur has its own railroad station and the Belgaum air terminal is around 160 km away.

Chikmagalur – Never-ending Fun

Chikmagalur is a tranquil and scenic hill station with a lot of energizing activities and splendid sights. Journeying on one of the hills of the wonderful Western Ghats is a popular attraction here.

The different tourist attractions in Chikmagalur are Kudremukh Wildlife Sanctuary, green Mullayanagari tea ranches, Hebbe falls, the pleasant Baba Budan Giri mountains, Bhadra Wildlife Park, and a lot more attractions.

There is a wide selection of activities in Chikmagalur. You can go kayaking in Chikmagalur lake or enjoy daring water sports. You can go for a safari ride to explore the Tiger Reserve at Bhadra Sanctuary or go traveling along with the rich green tea homes.

Chikmagalur is around 4 hours by road from Bangalore. 

Adventure Tourism in Karnataka

Karnataka offers numerous adventure activities that are as differentiated as its scenes whether it’s ashore, underground, in the sky above, on the hilltops, or under the ocean. There are a lot of choices for thrill seekers in Karnataka.

Savage mavericks can chase after their high by enjoying skydiving and for workaday folks, there is cycling. From the Nilgiri mountains to spotting endangered animal species in the renowned National Park and from its colossal coastline that help various water sports exercises to skydive, there is no constraint of alternatives in Karnataka.

Following are some of the adventure activities that should be experienced on an adventure trip to Karnataka:


Picture this, jumping out of a plane at 9000-10000 feet like a raptor. The sentiment of floating on the cloud and seeing the elevated perspective on the Mysore city is a unique one to have experienced. Mysore in Karnataka is recorded among the top destinations to encounter skydiving and it provides a rush of adrenaline unique to the sport. There are numerous kinds of skydiving that one can tryin Karnataka – static, tandem, or accelerated freefall.

First-time skydivers ought to go for Tandem diving as one dives with experts. Static skydiving is moderately more affordable and less hazardous when contrasted with Tandem skydiving.

In Static skydiving, participants free to fall from an airplane and the parachute opens very quickly after the fall. Quickened Freefall is the quickest method to encounter the solo freefall, ordinarily from 10,000 to 15,000 feet above ground level.

Regardless of whether the individual is a novice or an expert, preparation is needed to encounter each classification of skydiving. The variety of views that one can see is delightful. One will be able to see the castles, colonial architecture, hills, and considerably more.

  • Places where one can experience skydiving in Karnataka: Mysore
  • Best Time to Go for Skydiving: Every season except monsoon season is perfect to do skydiving in Karnataka
  • Altitude
    • Static Jump: 3,500 Ft- 4,500 Ft
    • Tandem: 9,000 Ft – 10,000ft
    • Accelerated: 10,000 Ft – 15,000ft

Microlight Flying:

Microlight or Ultralights is a lightweight airplane that can hold 1-2 individuals simultaneously. A majority of these airplanes look like hand-gliders appended to the ginormous tricycles with a huge motorized fan on the back.

The sentiment of taking off from the highest point of slamming cascades, marvelous scenes, and beautiful landmarks are wondrous. The grand trip over the excellent vistas will surely get the adrenaline going. The airplane will fly over the city giving one a totally new perspective on natural milestones. Microlight brings a unique adventure experience to Karnataka.

  • Places where one can experience Microlight Flying in Karnataka: Bengaluru (Jakkur airfield), Coorg, and Mysore
  • Best Time to Go for Microlight Flying: Whenever the sky is clean
  • Duration: 10-30 minutes

White Water Rafting

From slow rivers at Bheemeshwari to the savage streams at Kodagu, there is a lot of white water rafting choices in Karnataka. A majority of these roaring rapids are a challenge for the most experienced rafters.

The stretch of whitewater rafting is difficult to explore and gives spills and thrills to the adrenaline junkies. In the districts of Kemphole, Gokarna, Sitanadi, Marawanthe, Dandeli, Devbagh and Karawr whitewater rafting is flourishing as a result of water bodies like river Cauvery, the backwaters of Shravanthi, and the River Kali.

Worth encountering is River Barapole in Coorg, where scales range from 4 to 5 rapids in the standard upper area and around 6 to 7 rapids in the lower segment. While rafting on either side of the waterway one can observe small villas, wildlife sanctuaries, and rich green backwoods.

As the water bodies wander further, the rapids go from gentle to wild, ideal for specialists to practice technical roles. A few whitewater rafting training schools are accessible in Karnataka. Stringent safety measures are seen by all outing coordinators and all the types of gear are maintained.

  • Places where one can experience White water rafting: Bheemeshwari, Sitanadi, Kemphole, Netravati, Honnemaradu, Karwar and Devbagh, Madikeri, Kali River at Dandeli National Park
  • Best Time to Go: October –February
  • Grade: Medium to Difficult

Scuba Diving:

Dolphins, corals, fishes, and sharks are some of the prominent marine species, which are seen by scuba divers. Scuba diving is the best way to explore the underwater life of Karnataka. Place where one can experience Scuba Diving in Karnataka: Murdeshwar

Netrani Island in Murdeshwar, Karnataka has many administrators that offer a captivating visit through this island’s hidden world. Teeming with distinctive marine life and perfectly clean water, Murdeshwar stands out amongst other shocking sights to reveal the underwater world in India.

To summarize, the spot has all the ideal components for a truly memorable holiday experience. From the brilliant reefs to fishes hiding away in the corals, surrounded by the turtles and sharks, there is something for everybody in Karnataka.

Dolphins, corals, fishes, and sharks are a portion of the conspicuous marine species, which are seen by scuba jumpers. Scuba jumping is the most ideal approach to investigate the submerged existence of Karnataka. Spot where one can encounter Scuba Diving in Karnataka: Murdeshwar

  • Best Time: Mid October to mid-May
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Types of Diving Available: Hard coral fringing reef, coral bommies
  • Prominent species that can be spotted while diving: Whales, Turtles, Napoleon Wrasse, Great Barracuda, Cobia, Stingrays, and Stonefish

Rock Climbing:

When discussing the best rock climbing destinations in India, it’s difficult to disregard Karnataka. Destinations such as Ramanagara, Sawan Durga, and Turahalli are up to their eyeballs with tough territories and colossal stones, which makes them the ideal spots to enjoy rock climbing.

Destinations like Ramanagara, Savanaduga, Turahalli, and Madhugiri are ideal for swashbucklers and specialists alike. Every one of these spots is an explorers’ paradise and the astounding perspective on the vistas around are sights to behold.


With more than 200 trekking trails in and around Karnataka, the land is gradually turning out to be the most loved destination for adventurers. The incalculable and one-of-a-kind vistas of Karnataka are perfect for a charming travel experience.

Much like the other trekking trails in the Northern piece of India, the Southern part is also adorned with numerous trekking trails. Usual trips in Karnataka grade from simple to direct, likewise, they can be appreciated by beginners and experts.

Countless adventurers go up to Karnataka consistently, and some in any event, during the slow time of year, to scale a few mountaintops in Karnataka. Aside from the experience that is hurled every step of the way, the path is endowed with various beautiful landscapes and charming climates.

Best Places to Go for Trekking: Coorg, Kodachadri

Aquatic Parasailing

For those traveling to Karnataka for some action-packed adventure, there is currently one more added adventure of aquatic parasailing.

Decorated with brilliant purplish blues, unblemished sea shores, and an astounding group, Karnataka is continuously turning into a hotspot for parasailers. Aquatic Parasailing is an absolute necessity for a vacation to Karnataka, as there are so many perfect sea shores that are lying unexplored.

Parasailing works thusly; the parasailers are attached with a saddle that is constrained by an engine vehicle. The rider lands on earth or water towards the end of the ride to augment the excitement of this game.

Best places to enjoy Aquatic Parasailing: Malpe beach, Gokarna Beach

Jetski Ride

With over 20 beaches, there are plenty of places to splash around in Karnataka and have some fun. Go with the waves flowing on a jet ski in the coastal area of Karnataka. Jet skiing is tailor-made for people who love speed, adventure, and loads of water.

The fun and frolic ride over the azure water lasts for 10- 15 minutes and curates some everlasting memories. All the jet skiing organizers on the beach offer great-looking jet skies along with the best equipment. If the tourist is an adventure junkie then their passion to perform adventure sports can be fulfilled on the beaches of Karnataka.

Best Places to enjoy Jet Skiing: Gokarna Beach, Varuna Lake (Mysore), Netravathi (Mangalore)

Top 15 Homestays In Karnataka

Here are the best homestays in Karnataka. These homestays afford their customers the most agreeable remains and their warm hospitality is essential inretaining the core of the visitors.

Estate Stay

Coorg as we all know is a coveted travel destination, a hill station where you will see heaps of greenery and cascades. Staying in hill stations can be costly which is the reason you have to pick a decent homestay.

The Estate Stay is one of the most famous homestays in Karnataka that offer you the best time and amenities. There are coffee plantations around and in one home, you get around eight rooms with a 24-person limit.

The homestay encourages you to take an interest in outside games, for example, cricket, football, and badminton.

Location: Coorg, Karnataka

Price: INR 2000

Homestay Facing Coffee Estate In Coorg

Coorg is a once in a blue moon opportunity for you to come and explore. In a vacation this way, how might you stand to not have a lovely experience? Henceforth, to encounter nature in Coorg, the Homestay which faces the coffee plantations are the best. The homestay comprises of 5 rooms and an aggregate of 25 people who can stay.

It is exceptionally nearer to nature attractions like Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary and Rajiv Gandhi National Park. You can see Wayanad and Madikeri from here. Book your homestay on the web and reserve your room in this ideal spot.

  • Location: Coorg
  • Price: INR 1440

Chikmagalur Homestay Amid Coffee Plantation

Coffee Plantations are the most popular things you have to see in Karnataka and in the event that you visit Coorg, Madikeri, or Chikmagalur, you will get to do so. One of the least expensive homestays in Karnataka is in Chikmagalur itself.

In fact, this homestay is extraordinary for individuals who wish to travel in a group. It gives three triple sharing rooms and 1 quarter for up to 12 individuals.

Situated in the coffee plantation itself, Chikmagalur is the most desirable destination that lets you explore hills and natural vistas. This homestay is near timberlands, coffee plantations, and different travel spots. You may save 25% of the sum from your total outing cost.

Location: Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Price: INR 400 per hour

Sakleshpur Homestay With Adventure Activities

In the event that you need to spend your get-away days in Sakleshpur, at that point you have to book the privileged homestays in Karnataka. Sakleshpur homestay is a notable destination famous among various thrill-seekers.

Rooms are accessible with quality amenities and they let you live in an eco-friendly climate. It has 7 rooms with an attached restroom, high temp water, and other facilities. 100 individuals can remain on this homestay with basic amenities.

Out of 7 rooms, 1 room contains 8 beds, three rooms comprise of 6 beds and different rooms contain 4 rooms. You can get 10% off on booking this homestay for an excursion trip.

  • Location: Sakleshpur Karnataka
  • Price:INR 2500

Chikmagalur Hilltop Homestay 

There are a lot of homestays accessible in Chikmagalur which guarantee you some stunning perspectives on the hillside. Chikmagalur Hilltop homestay gives a delightful living spot to nature aficionados.

It is situated in the midst of the coffee plantation and it is on top of the hill. The homestay permits you to appreciate brilliant vistas on different nature spots.

Also, this homestay gives unique amenities in the district. Up to 26 individuals can readily stay in the homestay at any point during the year. This specific homestay in Karnataka offers 2 twofold sharing rooms and 3 fourfold rooms.

Location: Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Price: INR 2000

Amazing Riverside Homestay In Coorg

Coorg is where you need to remain in homestays! They are excellent as are the vistas of nature attractions. You can do a ton of exercises like birdwatching and plantation tours.

There are numerous coffee ranches around and they are lovely to such an extent that you would prefer not to leave the spot by any means.

The Amazing Riverside homestay in Coorghas 4 rooms, 1 space for seven individuals, and 1 space for five individuals.

  • Location: Coorg, Karnataka
  • Price: INR 1800

Homestay With Camping In Dandeli

On the off chance that you need to have a lifetime experience involving Karnataka, you need to choose the correct spot to stay. After all, you would rest in this spot following a tiring day.

Homestay with Camping is the best blend and tourists staying here can enjoy diverse water sports, for example, swimming, boating, zorbing ball, kayaking, and others.

You can have the exciting experience of riverside vistas. The homestay offers breakfast, lunch, tea, and supper. In this homestay, 12 individuals can remain with essential amenities. There is a tiger reserve in the district as well.

Location: Dandeli

Price: INR 1600

Homestay Near Kali River

In Dandeli, a variety of homestays are accessible with ideal and current facilities. It is one of the most popular homestays in Karnataka for nature lovers. This homestay is situated in Dandeli which is a delightful spot!

It is appropriate for individuals to spend their weekends from the riotous ways of life. A limit of 14 individuals can remain in the homestay. In any case, it offers hypnotizing and beguiling perspectives on tourism spots.

It is the most ideal approach to spare costs on booking hotel rooms in the area. It additionally offers a roomy spot for travelers.

  • Location: Dandeli, Karnataka
  • Price: INR 1860

 Cottage Style Homestay In Coorg

This homestay affords you the luxury of encountering the best travel destinations in Coorg. You get to live in an astonishing house which is situated in Kaloor and gives a wonderful perspective on mandalpatti and Abbey falls.

It comprises 4 rooms; with each room connected with twofold sharing facilities. All rooms in the homestay are given the most recent civilities that offer solace to the visitors.

Location: Coorg, Karnataka

Price: INR 1750

Island Homestay In Kundapura

It is one of the beautiful beach homestays in Karnataka that gives you vacation stay goals! This homestay is situated near the Varahi river and you can have great views of tropical palms, waves, and others.

You get to live in a beautiful room with a good interior design. It takes a few minutes to book this homestay for your weekend trip.

It is a wonderful seashore homestay in Karnataka that gives you a unique get-away experience. This homestay is located close to the Varahi river and you can have incredible vistas of tropical palms, waves, and others.

You will live in an excellent stay with great interior design. It takes a couple of moments to book this homestay for a weekend trip.

  • Location:6 Kms from Bus Station Basrur, Gardimane, Kundapur Karnataka.
  • Price: INR 3500

Homestays in Karnataka are an ideal method to bond with the most affable and humble of local people and get an understanding of their traditional methods of living. These homestays offer all that a visitor may require or need.

Offering a pleasant trip, these facilities have an aroma of the vibe of “home away from home”. Thus, plan your excursion to Karnataka and do attempt to stay at one of the aforementioned homestays.

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Tourist Places In Karnataka

From Bengaluru, Mysore, and Mangalore to Hampi, Coorg, and Gokarna, listed below are tourist places that you should check out in Karnataka. Surprisingly, the Karnataka tourist places listed are the monuments that are hard to match, beaches that are not busy with people, serene hill stations, and a rich bio-diversity treasury.

The fusion of myriad cultures and histories, woven together with undisturbed, eternal beauty, makes Karnataka one of the most desirable destinations for tourists. The mixture of unspoiled beaches and breathtaking landscapes makes Gokarna one of the famous places to visit in Karnataka. Bangalore, the colorful city with its culture and people, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Karnataka. Trust me, Mangalore is one of the best places to visit in coastal Karnataka for its rich history, culture, Mangalorean food, and stunning beaches.

White sandy beaches, lush green hills, and plenty of watersports make Baindur (or Bijnor) one of the best places to visit in Coastal Karnataka. The beautiful weather all through the year, and undulating green hills, make this park one of the best places to visit in Karnataka for couples. This park offers a stunning combination of natural beauty and serenity, making it one of the best places for tourists to visit in Karnataka.

When I visited Nagarhole National Park in 2017, we saw 2 Tigers, 1 Leopard crossing the road, many Deer, and scores of Wild Elephants–it is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka for keen wildlife photographers. The sheer number of passionate nature lovers and families who flock to this park has made it Karnataka’s number one tourist destination for picnics. A paradise for wildlife lovers and nature lovers, Bandipur, South Karnataka is one of India’s designated Tiger Conservation Habitats. Srirangapatna is a convenient day trip if you are visiting Mysore, and is one of the underrated backpacker destinations in Karnataka.

Bangalores Butterfly Park is one of the best-known tourist attractions in Karnataka and a must-add to your itinerary. Known as Indias Palace city, Mysore is the second-largest city in the state of Karnataka. Located in the foothills of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations, and Mysore Palace is one of its most visited landmarks. Mysore has a number of tourist attractions which include spectacular palaces, heritage structures, museums, temples, gardens, etc. The Mysore Palace and the Chamundi Hills temple are the most popular places to visit in Mysore and because of that, we also included the same place among the best places to visit in Karnataka.

Tucked away between the Kannad Coast, the Western Ghats, and the Deccan Plateau, Karnataka is blessed with forests, hills, temples, cave beaches, riverside, lakes, coffee gardens, waterfalls, ruins, and many other fun tourist spots, Here is the list of some of the best places to visit in Karnataka which you can unpack to enjoy a stunning vacation with your loved ones. If you are planning to embark on a journey that takes in Karnataka’s history, culture, heritage, and nature, here’s a list of the top 10 family-friendly destinations you can visit with your family.

Although quite big in size and packed with places to visit, similar to the ones featured in Indian cinema Passage to India, Karnataka’s tourism is not developed like in some of the other parts of India, hence, even the best places to visit in Karnataka are largely empty of tourists. Nestled at 60kms away from Bengaluru, Nandi Hills is one of the ideal places to visit in Karnataka for weekend escapes, offering many attractions and unconventionally beautiful views. One of India’s blue flag beaches, the beach of Honnavar is an absolute must-visit while traveling to coastal Karnataka.

Badami cave temples are amongst Karnataka’s best-known tourist spots, regularly packed with visitors looking to marvel at the state’s iconic stone-cut architecture, which was first paved at Aihole and refined at Hampi. Holding the proud position as Karnatakaas capital, Bangalore (Bengaluru) is without doubt one of India’s fastest-growing cities.