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Thekkady Tourist Places in 2022 – Get Best Thekkady Hotels

Thekkady — the love For Of Wildlife

Thekkady is simply paradise lined up in thick woods and wild vegetation. This is often truly what makes one in every of the most effective forest tourist places in Kerala.

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Moreover, one gets the possibility to examine concerning tired styles of creatures as well as tigers, sambars, gaurs, lion. Likewise, there are elephants, lions, deers, buffalo, hogs, and also the nice Indian tigers.

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Presumably, the foremost most well-liked among places to go to in Kerala for the vacationer. Thekkady brags of inexhaustible magnificence furthermore as fascinating natural life. However, its trekking path from Moozhiyar to Thekkady Gavi is one in every of the foremost well-known methods in South India. Sailing and wildlife perception are 2 of the most blue-eyed hobbies in Thekkady.

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Thekkady Tourist Places

Some of the popular things to do in Thekkady are exploring Periyar National Park, visiting the Mangla Devi temple, taking a guided tour to the Abrahams Spice Garden, etc. The most popular tourist attraction of Thekkady is Periyar Lake, where boat rides are the best way to experience the lake. A boat ride or a cruise on this enticing lake is one of the best things to do in the district of Thekkady.

Making its way across wildlife-protected areas, the artificial lake is at the top of Thekkady’s list of places to visit. Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary has surprisingly changed the face of Kerala’s wildlife tourism. This sanctuary located along the banks of the Periyar Lake (which is a cool artificial lake) is surrounded by thickets of Evergreen forests, with the Misty Mountains surrounding it, as well as luxuriant green grasslands.

Another part of Periyar Tiger Reserve, Elephant Crossing is an amazing vibrant spot, which is filled not only with elephants, obviously, but with Nilgiri Thahrs and Indian Bison. This region is popularly known as the Periyar Tiger Reserve, one of the most visited places in Thekkady. Located both in Idukki and Pathanamthitta, Periyar Sanctuary in Thekkady is remarkable because it is both an elephant and tiger reserve. The Periyar National Park, as the place is called, is famous for its tropical flora and rare wildlife including endangered species such as lion-tailed monkeys, tigers, leopards, Sambar deer, etc.

Known for its serene greenery and marvelous interhabitation by thousands of species, Periyar National Park is the place to go first as you begin your sightseeing journey in Thekkady. From a wildlife sanctuary to the Mullaperiyar dam to Elephant Crossing, here are our picks of the best sightseeing spots to visit in Thekkady and the surrounding areas.

With its endless cardamom, chili, and coffee plantations, visiting Murikkady is an exciting experience while on a tour of Thekkady. From swaying palm trees to breathtaking beauty as the sun sets over its scenic hill stations, fragrant tea gardens to spirited cultures, Thekkady is a destination for your most unforgettable holidays at the heart of nature.

Whether trekking in the forests or taking the ferry, Thekkady continues to impress with its natural beauty. One of the prettiest places to visit in Thekkady, Murikkady is easy to recognize thanks to the iconic stairs that twist and turn in lush greenery. Thekkady has a lot of exciting adventures waiting for you while exploring Thekkady’s unique wildlife and unspoiled nature. This wonderful tourist destination is known for its breathtaking scenic views, cooler weather, exotic wildlife sanctuaries, and thickly wooded areas.

Kumily Town is one of the nicest places in Thekkady for tourists if you are planning on staying at Thekkady Resort. Truly blessed with plenty of natural beauty, the Thekkady tourism places boast beautiful wildlife reserves, unspoiled slopes, verdant tea gardens, coffee gardens, and religious temples. A perfect spot for camping and trekking, Murikkady is a sight to behold and is the best-rated of the Thekkady sightseeing places. If you are looking to spot some exotic flora and fauna, Pandikuzhi is a must-visit due to its less-explored factors due to mass tourism.

If you are looking for an exciting trekking experience, or simply looking to kick back and have some peace of mind with your family, the Paraunthumpara hill viewpoint is one of the best places to visit in Thekkady. Thekkady is considered one of the destinations in south India that tourists visit, but they fail to visit the place in a proper manner.

If you are planning for a one-day trip to Thekkady, then some of the best places or experiences offered here must include, visiting the tea gardens, going on a jeep safari, going on a nature walk, visiting spice gardens, and obviously visiting Periyar National Park. A boat ride on the Lake at Thekkady, aka the Periyar Lake, is a must-do on your Thekkady sightseeing list.