tourist places in kovalam
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Tourist Places In Kovalam 2022- Best Kovalam Resorts

Kovalam seashore, one of the most effective seashores in Kerala. Als0, it’s accepted for its New Year festivities, profound solid back rubs. it’s also in style for Ayurvedic medicines, sunbathing fests furthermore as water sports like parasailing. Moreover, it’s a bow-shaped outline that is regularly buzzing with exercises. people from numerous nations, societies as well as states join up and boost the magnificence of the spot. Also, one in every of the demanding tourist places in Kerala.

tourist places in kovalam

Places to Stay: Hotel bush Palace Kovalam, building Samudra KTDC, Jumayira Residency, Kovalam Beach building furthermore as Unwind Hotels. Things to Do: Perfect Duration: 1 Night/2 Days. Spend an evening within the houseboat, provide expertise sports a shot.
Must Visit: Hawah Beach, pharos Beach, The Lighthouse, ThiruvallamParasurama Temple, and also Samudra Beach, Also, Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium, Akkulam Lake, Vizhinjam Fishing Harbor as well as Halcyon Castle. And also KovalamJama Masjid, Vellayani Lake, Karamana River, Aruvikkara, Rock Cut Caves, and Valiathura Pier.
Perfect Time To Visit: September to May.
Closest Air Terminal: Trivandrum International
Closest Train Station: Trivandrum train depot

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Tourist Places In Kovalam

Here are some of the best places to visit in Kovalam, including the popular Lake Vellayani, Padmanabhswamy temple, and the beach at the Hawah. Among all the best places to visit in Kovalam, its unspoiled beaches are the best attractions that cannot be missed. Kovalam is pretty well known among westerners because of the beach’s shallow waters and lower tides.

Kovalam is known for its unpolluted beaches and it draws visitors mostly for that reason. Kovalam is an area of Trivandrum City, about 13km southwest of the city center, where its beaches are the main attraction. Kovalam, situated at the south end of God’s Own Country, is a small beach town, only 16 kilometers away from Thiruvananthapuram. Quite popular for its serene, picturesque beaches, Kovalam, 16 kilometers away from Kerala’s capital city Thiruvanthapuram, has a number of other tourist attractions that are well worth visiting.

The beach is located only 10km from Kovalam city, which is renowned for its Ayurvedic resorts. Hawa beach is wedged between Lighthouse and the crescent Samudra Beach and is one of the best places to go to at night in God’s own country. Samudra Beach is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kovalam, separated from other beaches of Kovalam by the headland and a few crevasses on the beach. The bluish-green waters, similar to those in Samudra Resorts Maldive, make the beach at Hawa one of the most isolated tourist attractions in the land of God.

Even though the beaches are Kovalam’s best-known spots, a boat ride on the Karamana River is worth it. If you are looking for a serene spot to stay in Kovalam, head over to Ahsoka beach for some peaceful relaxation. A visit to the best places of God’s own country is not limited only to beaches, with temples, art galleries, and luxurious Ayurvedic resorts all lining up the town. The place has a lot to offer beyond the beaches, Kovalam has many things to do like adventurous sports, and Ayurvedic therapies which will soothe the mind, body, and soul.

If you are still wondering what to do in Kovalam, Kovalam has a lot of worthy places to visit which include the tempting attractions like the beach activities, walking around heritage sites, and the fascinating architecture of old castles, temples, churches, and towers. If you are looking for romantic places to visit in God’s own Country for couples, then do not forget to make a point to stop by at German Bakery after an equally romantic night spent on Lighthouse beach. One of the best value mid-priced restaurants in Kovalam, German Bakery is located at Lighthouse beach. As its name suggests, Lighthouse beach is characterized by a 35-meter-high lighthouse, which is one of Kovalams main tourist hotspots.

Located 1.5 kilometers away from the Kovalam bus stand, the Lighthouse Beach is an unspoiled beach along the Arabian Sea coastline of Kovalam. Flanked by coconut plantations, Kovalam’s three crescent-shaped beaches (Lighthouse Beach, Hawa Beach, and Samudra Beach) are beautiful spots for lounging, swimming, snorkeling, and camping. Valiyathura pier is a 214-meter-long dock located in the ancient harbor at Valiyathura and is another serene and peaceful beach spot close to Kovalam. Apart from Kovalam Beach Resorts, within a distance of 3 kilometers, are ports that are particularly famous for the various types of fish, Hindu temples, and big churches and mosques.

While its serene and scenic beaches are a decidedly the main attraction in the place, traveling up or down the coastline, travelers can explore picturesque backwaters, rivers, and dams, as well as visit places of worship. Kanyakumari is a popular tourist spot, comprising the Kanyakumari temple, the Gandhi Smarak Mandir, and Vivekananda Rock. There are boat services from the beach to the Vivekananda Rock. The seafood at shacks near the beach is tasty, so make sure you combine a visit to the Kovalam art gallery with some scrumptious seafood.