Tourist Places In Vagamon
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Tourist Places In Vagamon 2022- The best time to visit Vagamon Hills

Vagamon — Necessary Solitude

It is additionally illustrious for the Charming slope station, embellished with supernatural knolls, mysterious nurseries, and pretty dales. Conjointly famous for, fragrant tea estates, and cloudy valleys, Vagamon hills. All of those have while not a doubt attained their place among the best tourist places in Kerala. The surface air and also utterly manicured gardens of Vagamon are a much-needed refresher.

Tourist Places In Vagamon

Places To Stay Honeycomb By celestial body Inn, Chillax, Falcon Crest, Lavender, The stimulation Mountains.
Things to Do: Murugan Mala, Trekking, Off-Roading.
Perfect Duration: 1 Day.Vagamon Lake, boat ride.
Must Visit: Murugan Hill, Thangal Hill, Kurisumala, Barren Hills, ThePattumala Church furthermore and Vagamon Lake. Also, Vagamon Pine Forest, Vagamon Falls, MundakayamGhat, and Maramala Waterfalls. Ulipooni life Sanctuary-Visit.
Perfect Time To Visit: Early August to May.
Closest Air Terminal: Kochi International aerodrome
Closest Train Station: Kottayam train

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Tourist Places In Vagamon

Kurisumala Vagamon Along with places to see Muslim pilgrims, Vagamon has one tourist spot which is popular among Christian Christians, which is Kurisumala Hill. Vagamon is surrounded by lush green hills and a lot of winding streams. Vagamon is a natural haven, and the biggest attraction to visiting this hill station is to explore the lush green meadows. Due to the beautiful weather in Vagamon, you can visit Vagamon anytime during the year.

If you are planning to travel to this place, be sure to look at these amazing places to visit in Vagamon. When coming to Vagamon, which is a hill station, there is an extremely good possibility of going on a trekking trip, and Marmala Waterfall Hill is the perfect spot to do it. Although the name does not really grab visitors’ attention, Vagamons barren hills are one of the most alluring places to visit in Vagamon, Kerala.

Even though the Barren Hills name does not seem exciting, Barren Hills of Vagamon is one of the best places to visit in the place. Barren Hills, with its huge stretch of lush greenery, The Barren Hills is one of Vagamons best-known tourism destinations.

Pine Hills One of the most beautiful places of Vagamon, which every traveler and tourist loves to visit while they are in Vagamon is Pine Tree Forest or the pine hills. The vast forests of the pine trees in Vagamon make a wonderful view when you get to walk around the aromatic and tall pine trees. If you are looking for some serenity away from Vagamons noisy streets, then a pine forest should top your list of places to visit in Vagamon. The first destination you must hit on your road trip to Vagamon, Kerala, and leave out every other tourist spot in Vagamon if you are a forest lover, is Pine Forest.

The saying walking through a forest can be made into a living reality here, while Muruganmala is one of the best places in Vagamon in Kerala for tourists that you should check out. Adorned by a temple to Lord Murugan, Murugan Mala is a tiny hill that is at the top of the list of places in Vagamon for devotees and lovers of nature. Vagamon, which is located 1,100m above sea level, is listed on the list of a50 Most Attractive Places To Visit In India by National Geographic Travelers. Vagamon is full of grasslands, scenery, pine forests, waterfalls, tea gardens, and valleys, making it a charming place for relaxation, and one of the best hill stations in Kerala.

Vagamon in Kerala is known for its breathtaking sights, beautiful meadows, tea gardens, and verdant valleys. This sleepy town, once a quiet, forgotten land, is now a focus for a lot of tourism activities. One of the most visited places in Kerala, Vagamon is one of the few places in India which is yet untouched by commodification. If you are planning to take a trip to God’s Own Country, then Vagamon is the place you should definitely visit for an enjoyable vacation with family and friends.

Vagamon is a popular holiday destination due to the lush green plains, the blue sky hills, the winding rivers, the flowing waterfalls, the cool breezy air, and the thick pine forests in Vagamon. Vagamon Lake is a serene body of water, nestled among three green hills and thickets of verdant tea gardens, making it one of Vagamons most scenic places for tourists. Vagamon is peppered with green estates and gorgeous grasslands that are suffused with the aroma of refreshing mountain air.

Marmala Waterfall — Tucked away in an enchanted desert that has disappeared in the folds of time, the Marmala Waterfall was once a spot that was not touched by time, but its scenic views, peaceful atmosphere, and lush greenery have made this gorgeous waterfall one of the best places for tourists to visit around Vagamon.