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Wayanad Tourist Places – Want to know hidden places in Wayanad?

This Wayanad Tourist Places article will reveal all the hidden places in Wayanad places to visit. Please share this article to help others.

If you are looking for an idyllic tourist destination that is rich in culture and natural beauty, then look no further than Wayanad in Kerala, southern India. This region is home to rolling hills, dense forests, and mesmerizing waterfalls, as well as a wealth of history and traditional architecture. What’s more, the people of Wayanad are warm and welcoming, making it a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

Article Outline

1. Introduction

Wayanad, a hill station in Kerala, is one of the most picturesque and popular tourist destinations in India. The district is known for its green hills, pristine forests, coffee plantations, and lofty peaks. Wayanad is also home to several tourist places, which attract tourists from all over the country. Some of the most popular tourist places in Wayanad are Banasura Sagar Dam, Chembra Peak, Pookode Lake, Meenmutty Falls, and Soochipara

2. Wayanad Tourist Places

Wayanad is a rural district in Kerala, India’s southwest. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary in the east is a lush, forested region with high-altitude areas that is home to animals such as Asiatic elephants, tigers, leopards, and egrets. Edakkal Caves in the Ambukuthi Hills to the south contain ancient petroglyphs, some of which date back to the Neolithic period.

3. How to Reach Wayanad

Kozhikode, 110 kilometers away, has the nearest railway station. Rail links connect Kozhikode to major cities such as Kochi, Chennai, and Bengaluru. You can take the train to Kozhikode and then drive to Wayanad. There are several buses that run from Kozhikode bus station to Wayanad.

4. What to Do in Wayanad

Best Things To Do In Wayanad

What should you do in Wayanad with your friends and family? Don’t be concerned. Check out all of the amazing things to do and adventure activities in Wayanad that can be enjoyed by families, solo travelers, spouses, and friends. Choose your favorites and include them in your Wayanad trip itinerary so you don’t miss out on all the fun that this city has to offer!

  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: For Wildlife Lovers
  • Banasura Sagar Dam: Visit Asia’s 2nd Largest Dam
  • Kuruva Island: Enjoy Bamboo Rafting
  • Edakkal Caves: Go Caving
  • Neelimala View Point: For Breathtaking Sights
  • Pookode Lake: Enjoy Boating
  • Camping: When The Hills Summon You
  • Thirunelli Temple: Gem Of Brahmagiri Hills
  • Vythiri Village Resort Stay: In The Lap Of Nature
  • Chembra Peak: A Thrilling Trek
  • Ziplining: Fly In The Hills Of Kerala
  • Cycling: Go Around Town
  • Tree House Stay: A Splendid Experience
  • Farm Tour: Experience Village Life
  • Tea Estate Tour: Stroll Amidst Beautiful Gardens
  • Soochipara Falls: Take A Dip
  • Kabini River: Experience River Dipping
  • Dhanagiri Home Stay: Live Like A Local
  • Uravu: Learn The Art Of Bamboo Processing
  • Kalladi Forest: Go On A Jungle Trek
  • Walk Through Nature Trails: Take Full Natural Advantage
  • Visit The E3 Theme Park: Have Lots Of Fun
  • Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary: Discover Aviation Beauty
  • Sahibkkunnu And Valley Of Clouds: Go For Trekking
  • Hike To Kurisumala Peak: A Serene Getaway
  • Wayanad Heritage Museum: Learn History
  • Go For Shopping: A Cherished Activity
  • Pozhuthana: A Beautiful Village
  • Meenmutty Waterfalls: Perfect For Adventure Seekers And Nature Lovers
  • Jain Temple: Marvel At The Temple

5. Accommodation in Wayanad


6. Food in Wayanad

The people of Wayanad, like many other cities in south India, love rice and consider it to be their staple food. Rasam, Sambhar, Moru Koottan, and Poricha Koottu are some of the most delicious rice accompaniments. There are Pulissery, Stew, Avial, and Thoran for vegans who prefer pure vegetarian food.


7. Shopping in Wayanad

Spices, coffee, tea, bamboo articles, native craft, honey, and herbal plants are available in Wayanad. Handicraft and handloom products are popular in Wayanad’s Traditional and Culture Shopping. Other items such as garments, textiles, and furniture are also available in the Wayanad market.

8. Conclusion

This blog post provided an overview of some of the best tourist places in Wayanad, India. If you have been to or live in Wayanad, we would love to hear your thoughts on the best places to visit in the area. Please leave a comment or guest post and let us know what you think.

This island within God’s Own Country is the ideal, most popular Wayanad Tourist Place to go on a picnic, away from all the urban pollution. The fusion of lush greenery and serene waters makes this one of the most visited Wayanad tourist places. Here, temperatures and weather stay at an agreeable level throughout the year, making Wayanad one of the best hill stations in Kerala. Well-known for its hills and mountains of the Wayanad region, Wayanad is home to the Chembra Peak, set amid the gorgeous valleys and adventure-filled treks.

Wayanad — The Land Of Paradisiacal Trails

Wayanad implies the place wherever there are paddy fields in Malayalam. However, Wayanad is one of the greenest tourist places in Kerala. increased with real excellence, quiet air furthermore because of the made culture. Moreover, Wayanad within the travel trade is a perfect mix of nature and artificial legacy. Little, anonymous cascades, that line town erratically, boost the spot’s appeal. Wayanad is additionally one of the foremost refreshing forest places to go to in Kerala.


Places To Stay Arayal, Banasura Hill, Wayanad Wild — CGH Earth, Mount Xanadu.
Things To Do: Kuruva Island: get pleasure from Bamboo Rafting. Perfect Duration: 1 Night/2 Days.Pookode Lake: get pleasure from Boating.

Places To Visit: Besides prime ten nonworker places in Wayanad, there are Thirunelli Temple, Banasura Hill furthermore as Thusharagiri Waterfalls. Also, Kuruvadweep, Puliyarmala faith Temple. Lakkidi read Point, Kabini, Papanashini stream as well as Padinjarathara Dam. Camping: once The Hills Summon You. Perfect Time To Visit: October to May. expertise fans ought to visit throughout the rainfall long stretches of July and August to understand the benefits of trekking. Cycling: Go Around Town.

Closest Air Terminal: Karipur International aerodrome at Calicut
Closest Train Station: Kozhikode Railway Station

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Tourist Places In Wayanad

After taking a look at these tourist places of Wayanad through pictures, you cannot wrongly say that Wayanad (Wayanadu) is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations of Kerala. The best places to visit in Wayanad are not so visible for tourists, an unexplored pearl of Kerala. If you are planning to take a trip to this beautiful region in Kerala, our list of iconic places to visit in Wayanad helps you chalk an itinerary for a rejuvenating and unforgettable holiday. Top Things To Do In The Natural Paradise Of Kerala To Make Your Holiday More Funfilled Let us Step In The Night And Chase That Flightytemptress For an adventurer, Wayanad is a perfect destination for them.

It is the highest hill in the Wayanad region, and the journey up the Chembra peak is the best way to explore the wildness that is this mountainous valley. Muneeswaran Kunnu Viewpoint is one of the places you should visit in Wayanad within 3 days, as it is the highest peak, located 2,100m from the sea.

The natural heart-shaped lake atop the hill is one of the main attractions of the peak, which is visible from all parts of Wayanad. Chembra Peak is visible from nearly all parts of Wayanad and the main attraction is the natural heart-shaped lake atop the hill. Banasura Sagar dam, located at Banasura foothills and surrounded by vegetation, is one of the best places to visit in Wayanad.

Pookode, or the Lake Pookoth, is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Wayanad with your family and friends. The ancient churches, serene lake, ancient caves, and wildlife sanctuaries all add up to a really enriching and holistic experience while visiting Wayanad. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, home to a number of rare and endangered species of Flora & Fauna, is one of the best places in Wayanad to travel as a nature lover of wild animals. Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is one of the finest places to visit in Wayanad, which is considered to be the second-largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala.

The Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is an amazing sight to see for wildlife lovers and is an excellent destination for sightseeing in Wayanad. This wildlife sanctuary is among the best places to see in Wayanad, surrounded by protected areas in Mudumalai, Tamil Nadu, Nagarhole, and Bandipur, Karnataka. The Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary is also one of the few places in Wayanad to offer jeep safaris, where you may get lucky enough to spot carnivores such as foxes, tigers, and leopards.

The Pallikunnu Church is one of the places you must visit in Wayanad as it is blessed with a beautiful nature that ranks it among the most visited tourist spots in Wayanad. Here, you will get to see how bamboo is used to create some nice and interesting products, which makes the Bamboo factory as one of the best tourist places in Wayanad, ensure you go to the Bamboo factory, it is one of the best Wayanad tourist places.

We went to Wayanad on our family trip and booked this farmhouse on Thrillophilia for a better rate than on other sites. Top Must-visit places & things to do in the Natures Paradise, Kerala, Wayanad, Kerala The Western Ghats mountains are Kerala’s verdant borders, and nestled in Kerala’s natural paradise is our beautiful Wayanad.


Which is the coolest place in Wayanad?

  1. Banasura Sagar Dam. Banasura Sagar Dam
  2. Edakkal Caves.
  3. Chembra Peak
  4. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. Soochipara Falls
  6. Meenmutty Waterfalls
  7. Arippara Waterfalls
  8. Iruppu Falls

Are 2 days enough for Wayanad?

If you think a two-day trip to Wayanad is insufficient, reconsider. Wayanad appears to have everything in its vicinity, whether it’s a trek to Chembra Peak, a visit to the MSS Botanical Garden, or an adventure camp.

For what was Wayanad famous?

This well-known town is well-known for its wildlife and spice plantations. Wayanad is a forest reserve on the border between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It provides great scenic beauty as well as the opportunity to see wildlife due to its wild green coverage.

Which is better Munnar or Wayanad?

Wayanad is better if you prefer wildlife and forests. You can learn about tribal culture by visiting tribal villages. Munnar, on the other hand, is more beautiful, with its pleasant climate and lovely tea plantations. In Munnar, you can find good camping spots within tea estates.

Which month is best for Wayanad?

Wayanad is best visited between October and May. The months of December to February are much cooler than the rest of the year, with temperature drops of up to 10°C. As a result, many visitors consider this period to be the best time to visit Wayanad.

How do I plan a trip to Wayanad?

  • Arrive early morning at Kalpetta and head to Chembra Peak.
  • Go to Soochipara Falls.
  • See Kanthanpara falls if time permits.
  • Go towards the base camp.
  • Refreshments and night trek to the camping site.
  • Wake up and a small trek.
  • Descend and head to Edekkal Caves.
  • Travel to Banasura Sagar Dam for a speed boat ride.

Is Wayanad hot in May?

Wayanad in summers: March-May

Summers in Wayanad are hot and humid, with temperatures reaching 37°C during the day. It is difficult to beat the heat during this time, making sightseeing nearly impossible. Evenings, on the other hand, are pleasant because a gentle breeze blows through the area.