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Mumbai Marine Drive 2022 – Is Marine Drive Mumbai At Night Safe?

Marine Drive is 3.6 kilometers long along Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road in Mumbai, India. Often, the name Drive Marine and Marens (Aliya) are used alternately to refer to this 3.9km stretch. The road and pedestrian area were built by philanthropic generous Bhagojisheth Keer and Pallonji Mistry. This is a concrete path of six lanes in the form of C’Di along the natural Gulf coast.

At the northern end of the Marine Drive are Girgaon Chowpatty and the adjacent road along with the Nariman Point link at the south end to Babelnath and Malabar Hill at the north end. Marine Drive is located on the land of reclamation overlooking the west-southwest.

Drive Marine is also known as a queen necklace because, when viewed at night from the point of being elevated anywhere along the drive, the street lights resembled a series of pearls in the necklace.

Marine drive at night

Marine Vehicles from Malabar Bukit

The official name for this road, although rarely used, is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road. The promenade is coated with palm trees. At the north end of Marine Drive is Chowpatty beach. This is a popular beach that is famous for Bhel Puri (local fast food).

Many restaurants also coat this stretch of road. Furthermore, this road is located in Walkeshwar, a rich environment in the city, also home to Governor Maharashtra.


What is Marine Drive famous for?

Marine Drive is located on the land of reclamation overlooking the west-southwest. Drive Marine is also known as a queen necklace because, when viewed at night from the point of being elevated anywhere along the drive, the street lights resembled a series of pearls in the necklace.

Is Marine Drive safe at night?

Can I go to Marine Drive at night? Yes, of course. Even it was better and suggested to visit Marine Drive at night because the place looked more beautiful. You can also visit other leading places such as Worli Sea Face, Carter Road, and others.

Can we go to Marine Drive today?

The most important thing you need to know is that Marine Drives are closed. On the other hand, the sea drive remains open to visits on the next open days of the week – Monday, cell, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, the sun, and the entrance timing and open hours on these days starting at 12:00 – 12:00 a.m. and then from.

How do you get on Marine Drive?

The best way to reach Marine Drive in Mumbai is to take the local train from the three nearby stations – Churchgate, Sea Lines, and Charni Road. The beach is just walking distance from all these stations. By train: Mumbai locals are the busiest transportation modes in the city.

What is the best time to visit Marine Drive?

5am- 8am
The best time to visit Marine Drive in the morning between 5 am – 8 am.

What is the red light area in Mumbai?

Mumbai contains the largest red-light district in Asia, in the Kamathipura neighborhood. Kamathipura is estimated to have more than five thousand sex workers, identified as men, women, and transgender.

How far is Juhu beach from Marine Drive?

17 km
The distance between coastal Juhu and Marine Drive is 17 km away. 20.5 km road distance.


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Mumbai Marine Drive

If you are visiting in February, you might want to check out the Mumbai Marathon, held on the Marine Drive. Maharashtra Tourisms Mumbai Darshan City Bus Tour and the Nilambari Open Deck Bus Tour also includes The Marine Drive. If you are visiting Mumbai in monsoon, Marine Drive is one of the best places to enjoy Mumbais monsoon.

Joining city dwellers on the walk down Marine Drive is the ultimate thing to do in Mumbai. This popular beachfront promenade provides a welcome respite from the claustrophobic concrete jungle that covers much of Mumbais landscape. Girgaon Choupatty Beach comes to life during Ganesh Visarjan (Divination), which is one of the most celebrated festivals of Mumbai. Ganesh Visarjan (immersion) is when thousands of devotees from across Mumbai arrive at Girgaon Chowpatty Beach in a procession to immerse an idol of Lord Ganesh into the sea.

Even before that happens, it is the ultimate sunset destination for the city, where — after watching an orange globe dip into the Arabian Sea — you get to watch street lights turn Marine Drive into the aptly named Queens Necklace, a choker-length necklace of glittering jewelry that drapes Back Bay. Marine Drive (aka the Queens Necklace, aka Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road) is a three-kilometer waterfront promenade, starting from Nariman Point and continuing all the way up to Babulnath. Marine Drive is a 3 km-long promenade on the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road in Mumbai, India. Marine Drive is a 6 lane, three-kilometer-long concrete expressway in south Mumbai that runs northwards alongside the coast, creating a natural inlet.

It is basically an arc-shaped, 3.6km long boulevard on the coast of south Mumbai, starting from Nariman Point in the south end and ending in Girgaum Choupatty, popularly known as Choupatty beach. The 3.5-km-long, six-lane, curving, C-shaped boulevard runs along the South Mumbai coastline from Nariman Point right up to Girgaum Chowpatty. Marine Drive stretches for around four kilometers (2.5 miles) from the Nariman Point commercial area to Girgaum Chowpatty, which is located at the foothills of posh Malabar Hill, south Mumbai. Marine Drive (renamed Netaji Subhash Chandra Marg) follows a wide bend in the sea stretching northwards from high-rises at Nariman Point to infamous Chowpatty beach, located at the foot of Malabar Hill.

Marine Drive is yet another popular attraction of Mumbai, you can either sit by the seaside or stroll along the promenade. Girgaon Chowpatty – Girgaon Chowpatty beach can be an exploratory local area as well as Mumbais best-known beach. Many hotels line the marine drive, most notable of which are 5-star The Oberoi (formerly The Oberoi Hilton Tower, however, it has returned to its original name since the beginning of 2008), The Intercontinental, Hotel Marine Plaza, Sea Green Hotel, and several other smaller hotels. Churchgate, Marine Lines Railway Station and Charni Road Railway Station are within 5 minutes walking distance from its curving, pedestrian-only promenade.