Places to visit in Goa
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Places To Visit In Goa: A Simple (But Complete) Guide for Tourists in 2022

If you plan to visit one of the most popular beach destinations in India, Goa, this guide will help you understand the best places to visit in Goa in 2022.

Places to visit in Goa

Goa is one of India’s top tourist spots and is famous for its beaches. Our guide to the must-visit Goa Places that suggests some of the best places you can visit in Goa, India, and TOURISTPLACES.CO.IN will provide complete information. In this article more than the top 10 places to visit in goa which help you to filter visits in priority.

Problem: I want to visit Goa but don’t know the best places to visit
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List of Best Places to Visit in Goa

Places To Visit in South Goa

  1. Vasco da Gama
  2. Mapusa
  3. Old GoaMandrem
  4. Sanguem
  5. Quepem

Place To Visit in North Goa

  1. Morjim
  2. Sanquelim
  3. Ponda
  4. Bicholim
  5. Valpoi
  6. Canacona
  7. Calangute
  8. Candolim
  9. Anjuna
  10. Bambolim
  11. Agonda
  12. Panaji
  13. Margao

Unique Places to visit in Goa

Here are some of the hidden jewels of Goa that are mostly free from the crowds.

  1. Chorla Ghats: Perfect For Adventure
  2. Savoi Spice Plantations: An Organic Paradise
  3. Carambolim Lake: A Beautiful Paradise
  4. Cumbarjua Backwater Canal: For Adventure Seekers
  5. Pequeno (Bat) Island: Nature Concealed
  6. Netravali: A Bubbling Lake

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About Goa

Goa is a state in western India that stretches along the Arabian Sea’s coastline. Prior to 1961, it was Portuguese territory, as evidenced by the area’s intact 17th-century churches and tropical spice plantations. Beaches abound in Goa, from the renowned stretches at Baga and Palolem to the more laid-back fishing communities like Agonda.

Margao: Cultural capital of Goa!

Popular Places to Visit in Margao

Margao is not the kind of place you’d want to skip if you’re planning a trip to Goa. The town claims to be Goa’s cultural capital, and after visiting it, you’ll agree that it’s a well-deserved title.

  1. The Municipal Garden
  2. The Holy Spirit Church
  3. House of Seven Gables
  4. Damodar Temple is a well-known tourist attraction in the town. You could also go to the specialty market to look at the different types of dried fish.
  5. Apart from the Margao curry, almost all of Goa’s signature dishes may be found in Margao. Margao Curry is exported to Portugal and other countries, which is fascinating to know.

Margao: Cultural capital of Goa!

Popular Things to See in Margao

  1. Municipal Garden
  2. The Holy Spirit ChurchHouse of Seven Gables Damodar
  3. Temple Pandava
  4. Caves Margao
  5. Market Zalor Beach
  6. Sri Chandranath Monte Hill

South Goa

Best Places To Visit in Panaji

Panaji should be on your list of places to visit in Goa, not only because it is the capital, but also because there are so many places to view that make for an amazing sightseeing tour.

From a heritage tour in Fontainhas – the Latin Quarters to a day at Miramar Beach, this city will provide you with a memorable experience. Ornithologists and bird enthusiasts can also visit the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, which is only 7 kilometers away and is home to migrating birds as well as common and unique marsh-dwelling bird species.

Popular Things to See in Panaji

  1. Fontainhas
  2. Resig Magos Fort
  3. Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
  4. Adil Shahi PalaceMiramar BeachKala Academy
  5. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
  6. Divar Island
  7. Shanta Durga Temple
  8. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

North Goa

Places To Visit In Vasco da Gama: Mostly the beaches!

The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama is commemorated in the city of Vasco da Gama. If you’re going to Goa to relax on the beaches, this is the place to be. There are various beaches to choose from, including Cansaulim, which is ideal for watching the sunset, and Hollant, which is ideal for a wild ride with your buddies! There are also additional sights, such as the 400-year-old St. Andrews Church. In addition, there is a Naval Aviation Museum, one of three such museums in India. However, if you travel in March, you can participate in the Shigmo festival, which has street dances and colorful parades.

Popular Things to See in Vasco da Gama

  1. Mormugao Fort
  2. Arossim Beach
  3. Bogmalo Beach
  4. Cansualim Beach
  5. Velsao Beach
  6. Hollant Beach
  7. St. Andrew’s Church
  8. Kesarval Waterfalls
  9. Sahakari Spice Farm
  10. Naval Aviation Museum
  11. Shri Ramnath Temple
  12. Three Kings Church

South Goa

Mapusa – Places to visit in goa for Family: Off to the Friday Bazaar!

There are numerous reasons to visit Mapusa during your Goa vacation, but the Mapusa Friday Market deserves special attention. Every Friday, you can visit kiosks selling Goan spices, homemade sausages, ready-to-cook fish with marsala, veggies, chilies, cashews, and sweets. It is located in the Bardez sub-district and is near various beaches, including Vagator and Chapora.

Things to Visit in Goa – Mapusa

  1. Bodgeshwar Temple
  2. Mapusa Friday Bazaar
  3. St. Jerome Church
  4. Maruti Temple
  5. Cansaulim Church
  6. Church of Our Lady of Miracles
  7. Municipal Building (for its architecture)

North Goa

Calangute: Places to visit in Goa at night

Calangute Beach is counted among the most beautiful beaches of Goa, and that is precisely why this town in the Bardez district makes it to any Goa travel guide. On any given day on the beach, your eyes will meet scores of backpackers and tourists, all having a great time! There are shacks, lots of clubs, shows being held, open-air dances being performed and people enjoying adventure sports like parasailing and water skiing. Since this is the perfect most couples will be found in this place.

Calangute – Places to visit in Goa for couples

  1. Calangute Beach
  2. St. Alex Church
  3. Tibetan Market

North Goa

GOA | Calangute Beach (Hindi) 4K Shopping, Watersports Tattoo | Goa After Lockdown

Places to Visit In Candolim

Candolim, like Calangute, draws visitors to Goa because of its main feature, Candolim Beach. If you prefer your beaches to be busy and rowdy, with a party atmosphere, there isn’t much to do here! It is, however, for you if all you want to do is sunbathe, watch the sunset, take a dip, and enjoy parasailing. The “River Princess,” a bulk carrier that ran aground 100 meters ashore, is another reason to go to the beach. Choose a sunbed and watch the waves kiss the shore as they turn red and gold at sunrise and dusk.

Best Things to See in Candolim

  1. Candolim Beach
  2. Our Lady of Hope Church

North Goa

Places to Visit in Anjuna Beach: Still a bit hippy after all these years!

If you took a trip to Goa in the 1960s & visited the village of Anjuna, you would find yourself in the middle of trance parties, hippies in psychedelic colors & free-spirited backpackers.

Today, you will find all sorts of tourists, both domestic & international, with some traces of that hippie era. One way of getting a feel of that is visiting the Flea Market, which opens on Wednesdays. And if you are planning for only a few days then this place is in the list of best places to visit in goa in 3 days where you can have the taste of Goa in less time.

You can lay hands on all kinds of stuff from sarongs, sandalwood & leather goods to crystals & stones. The other top place to visit is the Anjuna Beach, comparatively less crowded than the other beaches in Goa. To experience the trance scene, visit it in the evening and head towards restaurants like Curlies or Shiva Valley.

Popular Things to See in Anjuna

  1. Wednesday Flea Market
  2. Anjuna Beach

North Goa

Places to Visit in Agonda

Agonda is a popular tourist site in South Goa, known for both its “quiet beach” and the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles that nest there every September. The seaside community is surrounded by deep foliage, and it’s a location where terms like “time” and “hurry” are forgotten. Observe the Arabian Sea’s waves lapping the shore, cows strolling slowly, and dogs having the time of their lives! It’s hard to see why those who have visited Goa characterize it as a top beach destination!

Things to See
Agonda Beach

South Goa

Places to visit in Old Goa

There was a time when Velha Goa, now known as Old Goa, was the capital of Goa, not Panaji.

It was a time when the city radiated grandeur and unsurpassed splendor, much of which could be seen in the city’s colossal churches, cathedrals, and imposing convents. Old Goa has won a permanent place in any sightseeing tour because of those beautiful pieces of architecture.

The “Churches and Convents of Goa,” which include buildings like the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral, are the most prominent tourist attractions in the state today (both UNESCO World Heritage Sites).

This is the side of Goa that needs to be seen by more people, a side that reflects the state’s rich history and legacy.

Popular Things to See in Old Goa

  1. Basilica of Bom Jesus (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  2. Se Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  3. Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  4. Church of St. Francis of Assisi (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  5. Chapel of Santa Catarina (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  6. Ruins of the Church of St. Augustine (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  7. Church of Divine Providence (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Old Goa


In the 1960s, if you traveled to Goa and visited the village of Anjuna, you would find yourself in the midst of trance parties, hippies dressed in colorful colors, and free-spirited tourists. Today, various types of tourists, both domestic and international, can be found with traces of the hippy era. The Flea Market, which is open on Wednesdays, is one way to get a sense of that. You may get your hands on everything from sarongs, sandalwood, and leather goods to crystals and stones. Another popular destination is Anjuna Beach, which is less congested than the other beaches in Goa. To get a taste of the trance scene, go in the evening and dine at places like Curlies or Shiva Valley.

Popular Things to See in Anjuna

  1. Wednesday Flea Market
  2. Anjuna Beach

North Goa


For its beach, Bambolim is regularly listed among the top ten locations to visit in Goa. It’s a lengthy stretch of white sand with boulders and swinging coconut trees that serves both aesthetic and functional reasons (such as offering shade from the midday sun).

On some days, you’ll find groups of young guys and girls hanging together, but more often than not, you’ll see fishermen getting ready to go fishing.

It’s also an excellent family picnic area in Goa because it’s remote and free of merchants and shacks. However, there is a Bambolim Beach Resort where you may sample a wide range of cuisines, from Goan to Continental delicacies.

Popular Things to See in Bambolim

  • Bambolim Beach

North Goa


Consider going to a beach in Goa that also offers an Ayurvedic massage. Mandrem, a peaceful coastal community, makes this list of top tourist attractions in Goa because of its beach, which is one of the quietest in North Goa. It is bordered by a few beach shacks and motels that provide delicious food, including local specialties. You can also rent sunbeds and spend the day getting a tan while spending quality time with your loved ones. There is a little massage center where you can receive a massage if you want one!

Things to see

  • Mandrem Beach

North Goa


If seclusion, solitude, and tranquillity aren’t your thing, skip Morjim, which is sprawled out on the banks of the River Chapora. Visit if you want to spend a quiet day on the beach watching the sunset, eating some local delicacies, and walking around the village.

Families and friends looking for a top beach destination without the usual commotion should come here. Morjim is also a nesting site for the endangered Olive Ridley Sea Turtle.

On the beach, there is a post with a board that marks the location where the turtles hatch their eggs. It’s a fantastic site!

Things to see

  • Morjim BeachOlive Ridley Sea Turtles

North Goa


The Harvalem Caves, Harvalem Waterfalls, and Rudreshwar Temple are among the most popular tourist attractions in Goa. All three tourist attractions can be visited in a single trip. The Harvalem Caves are a group of caves named after Mahabharata’s five Pandavas. The caves were excavated into the Laterite Hill and include two major caves as well as a residential chamber. Only one kilometer away are the Harvalem Waterfalls, which are at their most beautiful during the monsoon season, and the Rudreshwar Temple, which is close to the waterfall.

Popular Things to See

  • Harvalem CavesHarvalem WaterfallsRudreshwar Temple

North Goa


Ponda, with its temples, an ancient mosque, and beautiful spice farms, is another tourist destination in North Goa where you can explore Goa’s rich heritage. One of these is the Sahakari Spice Farm, which introduces you to various types of spices.

The farm is surrounded by a tropical garden. There are also several stalls selling spices and oils. Another spice farm is Tropical Spice Plantation, which has trees such as Mexican Mirchi, Pepper Tree, and Lavender Tree.

It’s fascinating to see and learn about the various trees and plants that give our food its unique flavor and make it so delicious!

Popular Things to See in Ponda

  1. Sahakari Spice Farm
  2. Tropical Spice Plantation
  3. Shri Mahalasa Temple
  4. Mahalaxmi Temple
  5. Shri Ramnath Temple
  6. Laxmi Narasimha Temple
  7. Safa Shahouri Masjid
  8. Vijaya Durga Temple
  9. Shri Nagueshi Temple
  10. Savoi Spice Plantation
  11. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

North Goa


Bicholim is beautiful countryside to explore in Goa for a relaxing holiday, home to the most scenic waterfalls at Aravalem, oldest mosques, ancient Hindu temples, and Mayem Lake.

The main tourist attraction here is the popular Saptakoteshwar temple. Despite the lack of beaches, it is a haven for nature lovers. If you enjoy visiting historical sites, you will enjoy the picture-postcard settings and ancient rock caves.

Though there isn’t much to see in terms of tourist attractions, this place is still worth a visit for a relaxing escape into nature.

Popular Things to See in Bicholim

  1. Aravalem Waterfalls
  2. Pandava Caves
  3. Mayem lakeSaptakoteshwar Temple

North Goa

Sanguem, South Goa

If you do not visit Sanguem, your travel experience will be incomplete. It is one of Goa’s lesser-known tourist attractions. Though it does not fit in with Goa’s commercial tourism destinations, it is worth a visit.

It is endowed with numerous tourist attractions that will take your breath away. It boasts of mysterious caves in Rivona, also known as Pandava Caves, that are not found anywhere else.

The Pandavas of the Mahabharata are said to have lived in these caves during their exile. Sanguem is scenic and soothing to the heart and eyes due to the abundance of spice plantations, dams, and waterfalls.

Popular Things to See in Sanguem

  1. Rivona Caves
  2. Rivona Springs
  3. Vimleshwar Temple
  4. Tanshikar Spice Farm
  5. Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple
  6. Salaulim Dam

South Goa

Places To Visit In Goa – FAQs

1)When Is the Best Time to Visit Goa?

During the months of November to February, the weather in Goa is ideal. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold at this time of year, making it an excellent time for travelers to visit.

2)What is the distance from Mumbai to Goa?

If you are in Mumbai and still facing problems that how to visit places in goa from nearby me places then you must know that Mumbai is 583 kilometers away from Goa.

3)Which is the best Casino in Goa?

Deltin Royale is the most popular casino among travelers, and it is considered one of Goa’s top casinos.

4)Which are the famous churches in Goa?

Some of the well-known churches in Goa are the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Church and Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, and St. Cajetan Church.

5)Is Goa safe for female travelers?

Yes, Goa is quite safe for everyone.

6)How many days are enough for a Goa trip Places?

On a tour lasting between 4 and 7 days, one can get the full Goa experience.

7)Which places in Goa can one Visit?

If you are looking for what are the best places to visit in goa then these places are-

  1. Baga Beach
  2. Calangute Beach
  3. Basilica of Bom Jesus Church
  4. Fort Aguada

8)When does the carnival take place in Goa?

The Goa Carnival is one of the most popular festivities in Goa, taking place in mid-February.

9)What are the best things to buy in Goa?

The local Goa market sells cashew nuts, spices, handicrafts, and Cashew Feni, among other things.

10)Which are the famous festivals celebrated in Goa?

Christmas, Easter, Ganesh Chathurthi, Carnival, and the feast of St. John the Baptist are the most widely observed festivals in Goa.

11)Which are the best Goa water sports packages?

The most exciting and fun-filled watersports in Goa, which will ignite your Aquaman are:

1. Scuba Diving in Malvan with Watersports
2. Snorkeling Along With Island Trip in Goa
3. Sunset Back Water Kayaking in Goa
4. Flyboarding at Morjim, Goa
5. Parasailing in Goa’s Calangute Beach
6. Bumper Ride at Dona Paula Beach
7. Jet Ski Riding at Dona Paula Beach, Goa
8. Banana Boat Ride at Calangute Beach, Goa

12)Which is the best beach for water sports in Goa?

The beaches of Goa have a plethora of fun and exciting water sports and activities lined up for the tourists. This list has all the top beaches for Goa Sports.

1. Calangute Beach:
This beach is also known as the ‘queen of beaches and is home to many thriving activities, including water sports. It is a prominent spot for activities such as kayaking, wind-surfing, jet-skiing, parasailing, banana ride, water surfing, and more.

2. Baga Beach:
Among the most popular destinations in Goa, Baga is mainly known for its nightlife. However, the water activities here such as jet-skiing, parasailing, power scooter rides, scuba diving and snorkeling, and more are equally enjoyable here.

3. Anjuna Beach:
A part of North Goa, this beach has the blue waters from the Arabian Sea crashing against the white sand. Also, a wide range of water activities like scuba diving, wind-surfing, paragliding, parasailing, and others are available for tourists to enjoy.

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