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Guidelines for submitting Guest Post:-

Take a look at the following guidelines regarding all incoming guest posts: –

1.     Anyone can post on my blog. He/she may be a fond reader of my blog or blogger.

2.     We only want to publish content that the world has never seen before!

3.     Submission and publication are two different words and their meanings are also different. This means that if you submit a post, it can be published. Every post will be evaluated manually and finely by the experts in my panel for unique, informative, and great benefit to readers. If your post ticks all these boxes, it will be published.

4.  Legal guest posts submitted in compliance with the guidelines we specify have a high chance of being published within 15 days of receipt.

5.  Every guest post should provide good information or knowledge about the Indian legal system, which can benefit our readers in one way or another.

6.  We enjoy the right to edit any post (if deemed important) prior to publication.

7.  Unique legal content is what we prioritize. Your content must not have been published elsewhere – online or offline.

8.  We enjoy the right to decide whether your legal article is personal or business type.

9.  Legal guest positions of length between 600–1500 words will be considered.

11. Legal guest positions will be appreciated based on personal experience and there is a slim probability of being rejected, provided it complies with other criteria.

12. Formatting like the use of lists, tablets, etc. would be appreciated. However, I suggest that you should not overdo it. It is better if you write in short paragraphs because it enhances readability.

13. You are allowed to have one or two links in the post. However, keep only relevant and valid links in your content. Irreversible and non-working links will be removed from posts without notice.

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