Want to Know Best Tourist Places In Kerala 2022 – Family Destination

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Want to Know Best Tourist Places In Kerala 2022 – Family Destination

Thiruvananthapuram –Exotic Seashores and Spiritual Awakening

The state capital, Trivandrum is in close competition with a few top destinations of Kerala such as Varkala and Kovalam, offering family travelers an extraordinary beach holiday experience! In Trivandrum, the primary thing to notice for aficionados of architecture is its stunning design which has the influence of British and Dravidian styles of architecture.

It is an absolute necessity for spiritual individuals to make a pilgrimage to perhaps the most extravagant temple in all of India – the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. In the winters of November and December, the destination of Thiruvananthapuram also serves as host to the International Film Festival of Kerala.

Best time to visit Thiruvananthapuram: November to February

What to see in Thiruvananthapuram?

  • Beaches: Kovalam, Varkala, Azhimala, Poovar, Vizhinjam, Shankumugham, and Veli Beach
  • Historical and Spiritual Sites: Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Zoo, The Trivandrum Golf Club heritage building, Kuthiramalika Palace, and Kilimanoor palace
  • Museums: Kerala Science and Technology Museum, Priyadarsini Planetarium, Napier Museum, Kerala Soil Museum, and Koyikkal Palace Museum
  • Nature and Wildlife Sites: Agasthyamala Rain Forests, Kallar, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Braemore, Poovar, Anchuthengu backwaters, Ponmudi hills, Varkala Cliffs, and Kappil-Edava lakes.

What to do in Thiruvananthapuram?

  • Wildlife Sighting at Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary offers a rare chance to view flora and fauna alongside numerous trekking options. The Agasthyamala Peak which rests at a height of 1868m is also enjoyed by the people as a famous picnic spot. Boating facilities are available at the reservoir for tourists who can use it to enjoy a panoramic view of the area.
  • Adventure Activities at AMAS Neyyattinkara
    • AMAS or the Academy for Mountaineering and Adventure Sports affords quality training facilities and programs for adventure sports. Besides activities on the campus, outdoor activities such as water sports, river crossing, paragliding, swimming, mountaineering, rock climbing, lifesaving skills, etc. are also taught.
  • Shopping in Chalai Market
    • The oldest and busiest street marketplace that lies at the heart of the Thiruvananthapuram city, personifies the cultural diversity of the state in a resplendently candid manner. The Diwan of Travancore Kesava Das realized the importance of developing a market for the supply of goods in the capital city, which led to the genesis of the Chalai market.
  1. Kozhikode– Delectable Malabar Cuisine, Rich Folk Art and Beaches

Kozhikode, or Calicut, is another amazing place to visit for a long and significant family excursion in Kerala. Aside from the seashores, Kozhikode pulls in explorers with its rich history and scrumptious Malabar cuisine.

For culture buffs, the city is the hotspot for the local specialty of Thiryattam. Indeed, in the cold weather that persists through January and March, one can likewise go to the yearly Thirayattam Festival, an extravagant celebration in Kerala.

Best time to visit Kozhikode: November to February

What to see in Kozhikode?

  • Beaches: Kozhikode Beach and Kappad Beach
  • Museum & Art Gallery: Krishna Menon Museum & Art Gallery, Pazhassiraja Museum
  • Temples: Gotheshwaram Beach Temple, Jain Derasar, Kizhakke Murikkunnu Bhagavathy Temple, Mishkal Masjidh, Narakath Bhagavathy Temple, Shiva Temple, Sri Kandeshwaram Temple, Thali Temple, Thrikaipetta Subramanya Temple
  • Nature & Wildlife Sites: Mananchira Pond and Gardens and Sarovaram Biopark

What to do in Kozhikode?

  • Attend Thiryattam Festival
    • Thirayattam is a divine ritual dance-drama enacted in courtyards of Kaavukal and temples of Kozhikode and Malapuram districts of north Kerala, to attain the grace and blessings from the deities of the land. The festival is celebrated with great devotion and fanfare by the natives of the land, both old and young.
  • Climb a Hill – Govindapuram
  • Take a bus to Govindapuram from Mananchira pond. Walk up the hill to Central School. A breathtakingly beautiful view of the entire city and the Arabian Sea is visible from here. The views are terrific but nobody comes here other than middle school students. Auto rickshaws can be hired from Manav Junction which makes it easier for elderly people to reach here.
  1. Kochi– Marvelous Architecture, Rich History, and a Relaxing Holiday

A prevalent and frequently traveled destination in Kerala, Kochi is an energetic place! This rejuvenating family escape has the absolute best attractions in Kerala that mirror the solid impact of Portuguese, Dutch, and British that once administered this city’s design and culture, while its coast offers a brief look at Chinese culture through the broad utilization of Chinese fishing net.

Since the climate in Kochi improves as December approaches, it gives you another reason to visit the city. If you plan on visiting Kerala during the month of December, please ensure that your itinerary includes Kochi so that you can attend the festivals of two significant cultures in Kerala, Christmas, and Cochin Carnival.

Best time to visit Kochi: November to February

What to see in Kochi?

  • Islands: Willingdon Island, Bolgatty Island, Vallarpadom Island, Vypin Island
  • Historical Sites: Peninsula of Mattancherry and Fort Kochi, Thripunithura
  • Tourist Villages: Kumbalangi, Edakochi, Kumbalam, and Perumpadappu

What to do in Kochi?

  • Heritage Walk of Fort Kochi
  • Setting foot into Fort Kochi is akin to being instantly transported to a different period in time. This place has been of strategic importance for all who occupied it through the ages. The essence and roots of Fort Kochi are unique and diverse for this very reason. The streets, shops, and residents have a relaxed pace.
  • Sunset Point
    • Kozhikode beach is a favorite haunt of sunset viewers. The old-world charm which Kochi has retained adds to its natural beauty in the form of an old lighthouse and two vintage piers – each more than a hundred years old. The Lions Park and the Marine Water Aquarium are entertainment facilities that serve as added attractions at this destination.
  1. Thrissur– Enjoy Festivities and Sightseeing on a Family Holiday

The cultural center of Kerala, Thrissur remains very lovely and hospitable even during the colder months of the year, perfect for a family vacation. On the off chance that you can make it here, plan an excursion around October to observe the Feast of Saint Raphael, a celebration conducted with much aplomb in Thrissur.

Aside from the celebration, the winter season is an ideal opportunity to experience a tour through Thrissur which is teeming with numerous antique structures and sanctuaries. One can likewise visit Thrissur in the long stretch of April or May to witness the popular Thrissur Pooram Festival.

Best time to visit Thrissur: October to March and April/May

What to see in Thrissur?

  • Historical Sites and Museums: Appan Thampuran Smarakam, Archeological & Art Museum, Shakthan Thampuran Palace, Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Museum
  • Waterfalls: Athirappilly Falls, Vazhachal Waterfalls
  • Beaches: Snehatheeram, Thalikkulam; Chavakad Beach
  • Religious Sites: Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours, Valiyalukkal Temple, Our Lady of Lourdes Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Other Attractions: Thrissur Zoo, Vilangan Kunnu, Kerala Kalamandalam, Peechi Dam, Punnathur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary

What to do in Thrissur?

  • Attend Feast of Saint Raphael (winter)
    • The annual celebration known more commonly as the Feast of Saint Raphael or MalakhayudePerunnal is held in Ollur, near Thrissur, and has been a tradition since the year 1839. One of the oldest churches, this structure was constructed in 18-Century Kerala. October 23rd and 24th mark the celebration of this festival every year, one could also claim that the MalakhayudePerunnal is the most important Christian festival in Kerala.
  • Attend Thrissur Pooram (summer)
  • The extravagant festival of Thrissur Pooram is celebrated with a display of colorful elephants, dazzling parasols, and percussion music. It truly is a magnificent spectacle merging the spiritual and cultural essence of Kerala. An important part of the festivities include an enthralling line-up of vibrantly decorated elephants and marked by the Kudamattom ceremony. The Kudamattom ceremony is a keenly watched event, involving swift and rhythmic changing of brightly colored and sequined parasols.
  1. Ponmudi– Picturesque Vistas and Pleasantly Cool Mountain Winds

Another unbelievable spot in Kerala is the prized hill station, Ponmudi which is ideal to be visited during winters for its captivating sunrises, sentimental sunsets, and evenings of warm sunlight. This spot is an asylum for travelers with numerous paths around it.

Ponmudi is encircled by excellent tea gardens and is home to various birds. This hill station is an ideal honeymoon destination, while also serving as a fantastic spot for family getaways.

Best time to visit Ponmudi: November to March

What to see and do in Ponmudi?

  • Kallar River
    • Ponmudi, perhaps, will be one of the few hill stations in the world, which is mere 60 km away from the sea. The place is covered in mist and has a pleasantly cool temperature even during the hottest of summer months. With its balmy air, pleasant chill, vistas of evergreen forests, and the gurgle of the river Kallar flowing close by, Ponmudi offers peace and tranquility.
  • Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary is slowly turning into a location frequented by wildlife enthusiasts. The splendor of nature on display here regularly enchants visitors traveling to Ponmudi. The number of visitors frequenting this quaint little picnic spot has only increased with each passing year.

What to do in Ponmudi?

  • Trekking
    • What awaits you is a trekking program leading to the streams of Seethatheertham in Ponmudi. Hiking through the curtains of light and shade to see ruins of temples, perhaps even the footprints of Goddess Seetha, as it is a strong belief of the locals.
  1. Guruvayur– Imbibe the Spirituality and Seek the Blessing of Guruvayurappan

Kerala can also serve as an incredible spot for a religious visit, and Guruvayur in Thrissur District is the ideal spot to go for such an activity.

Popular for its Hindu pilgrimage site of Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple, this religious destination in Kerala is best visited during its 10 days celebration in February/March and Guruvayur Ekadashi in November/December.

What to see in Guruvayur?

  • Religious Sites: Guruvayur Temple, Mammiyoor Temple, Chowalloor Siva Temple, Palayur Church
  • Other Attractions: Elephant Camp Sanctuary, Guruvayur Devaswom Institute Of Mural Painting, Chavakkad Beach

What to do in Guruvayur?

  1. Pilgrimage
  2. Attend Guruvayur Ekadashi
    • Falling on the Mandala season is the VrishchikaEkadasi, also known in Kerala as GuruvayurEkadasi. The highlight of this festival is a ceremony in which the leader of the Elephants at Guruvayur Temple places a wreath at the statue of GuruvayurKesavanwhile the other elephants pay their respects.
  3. Watch Elephants playing and being fed at Elephant Camp Sanctuary
    • Take your family on an elephant viewing expedition at Elephant Camp Sanctuary, a rescue and rehabilitation site. Visitors can observe animals being cared for by the temple’s caring staff or perhaps volunteer for the same.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala

  1. Munnar– The Picture Perfect Destination

We should all be able to concur that the core of Kerala is in Munnar; it is one such destination that breathes life and ecstasy to the state.

In fact, a visit here throughout the winter season is surprisingly better in the event that you appreciate the grand view from the clean and narrow streets overlooking the haze-covered hills. The vast tea garden, the rolling green mountains, and the natural air all make it a destination you can’t miss in Kerala.

Best time to visit Munnar: October to May

What to see in Munnar?

  • Waterfalls:Atukkad Waterfalls, Lakkam Waterfalls, Naimakkadu Waterfalls, Periyakanel Water Falls
  • Wildlife Sites: Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Eravikulam (Rajamalai) National Park, Mathikettan National Park, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
  • View Points: Pothamedu View Point, Munnar Echo Point, Photo Point, Signal Point, Idly Hill View Point, Lockhart Gap View Point
  • Tea Estates/Factory: Lockhart Tea Factory and Kolukkumalai Tea Estate
  • Other Attractions: Blossom Park, Chithirapuram, Floriculture Centre, Kundala Lake, Mattupetty Dam, Mattupetty Indo-Swiss Farm, Top Station, Devikulam Sri Ayyappan Temple, Thangaiah Cave, Anayirangal Dam / Boating Center, Tata Tea Museum, Kalvarimount, Christ Church

What to do in Munnar?

  • Trekking
  • Rock Climbing & Rappelling
  • Cycling Tour
    • If your idea of heaven is cruising quiet yet exhilarating back roads through a stunning mountain and lush jungle scenery, then this is the perfect tour for you. Some of the best biking facilities are available in and around South India, with Munnar being an ideal example of this.
  1. Alappuzha (Alleppey) –Romantic Backwaters and Warm Hospitality

The principal feature of Alappuzha or Alleppey is its delightful backwaters, palm trees, and houseboats that can mesmerize you into prolonging your stay a bit more. This is an ideal spot for families and honeymooners alike.

You can plot your visit to Alappuzha in the long stretch of December when the Mullackal Chirap Festival is celebrated; attending it is probably the best activity during that time.

Best time to visit Alappuzha: October to February

What to see in Alleppey?

  • Beach:Alleppey/Alappuzha Beach
  • Hindu Temples: Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple, Mannarasala Temple, Chettikulangara Devi Temple, Haripad Sree Subrahmanya Swamy Temple, Thakazhy Sree Dharma Sastha Temple, Mullakkal Temple, Padanilam Parabrahma Temple, Vetticode Sree Nagaraja Seamy Temple
  • Churches: Andrew’s Basilica, Edathua Church, Alappuzha CSI Christ Church, Champakulam Valia Palli

What to do in Alappuzha?

  1. Houseboat Stay
  2. Village Tour
  3. Sailing on the Backwaters
  4. Attend Mullakkal Chirappu Festival
    • Mullakkal Temple, also known as Mullakkal Rajarajeswari temple or Mullakkal Bhagawathi temple is situated in the land of backwaters, Alappuzha. There are a number of festivals celebrated in the temple, the biggest one being the Mullakkal Chirappu which falls during the months of November – December.
  1. Kollam– Backwaters, Beaches, and Beauty, All Here For You

Offering a brief look at Kerala’s excellent backwaters, seashores, culture, and history, Kollam is one spot you can design your vacation or a serene backwater holiday. A short distance from Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam is fundamentally popular for its Ashtamudi Lake, the most visited backwater and lake in Kerala.

Nonetheless, it is not the main attraction in Kollam. For that, you might need to visit the destination of Jatayupara, the spot with the goliath vulture design alongside its waterfalls, coastline, and sanctuaries.

Best time to visit Kollam: October to March

What to see in Kollam?

    • Beaches: Kollam, Thirumullavaram, and Thangasseri
    • Other Attractions: Ashtamudi Lake, Palaruvi Waterfalls, Jatayupara, Alumkadavu, Munroe Island.

What to do in Kollam?

  • Kettuvalam/Houseboat Stay and Ride in Ashtamudi Lake
  • Shopping
  • ATV Rides and Bike Tour
  • Paddlesport in Paravur
    • Paravur Backwaters is one of the lesser-known, tightly kept secret locations in southern Kerala.
    • A lesser-known secret location in southern Kerala is the Paravur Backwaters. The backwaters of Paravur is a safe and sheltered waterbody with negligible influence of tidal effects. The meeting point of seawater from the Arabian Sea and freshwater from the Ithikkara River is a truly unique place to paddle. A tiny sandbar that sits between the Arabian Sea and the Paravur Backwaters serves as a paddling center since it has direct access to both water bodies.
  • Canoeing in Munroe Island
    • Located 27kms away from Kollam is Munroe Island, a place named in honor of Resident Colonel John Munroe of the former princely state of Travancore. His work on integrating several backwater regions by digging canals is well-known, and some of the island’s main attractions are the waterways, canal cruises, and the famous Kallada Boat Race held here during Onam. Offering a unique and tranquil setting far away from the constant chaos of modern life is Kollam.

Best Destinations for Wildlife Lovers in Kerala

Thekkady– Exotic Wildlife and Bamboo Rafting

The mind-boggling forested place which comprises Thekkady offers a chance to aficionados of nature to investigate the rich verdure of Kerala.

Regardless of whether you visit Thekkady during winters, you can discover verdant woods welcoming you to have outstanding wildlife encounters at its own one-of-a-kind Periyar National Park, the home to an assortment of wild creatures.

Best time to visit Thekkady: All through the year

What to see in Thekkady?

  • Wildlife Site: Periyar National Park
    • Periyar wildlife sanctuary has a picturesque lake at the heart of the sanctuary. A dam was built here in 1895 which created the lake at the center.
    • The reservoir meanders around the contours of the hills, providing a perennial source of water for the local wildlife. Though it’s a Tiger Reserve, tourists come here to view the Indian elephants playing with each other by the Periyar Lake
  • Other Attractions: Chellarkovil, Grampa, Mount, Pandikuzhi, Pattumala, Pullumadu, Mangala Devi Temple, Ramakalmedu, Spring Valley Mountain, Vandanmedu, Wagamon

What to do in Thekkady?

  • Boating
  • Wildlife Safari
  • Bamboo Rafting
  • Trekking
  • Nature Walk
  • Plantation Tour

Best Hill Station Holiday in Kerala

  1. Wayanad– Surreal Vistas in Kerala’s Best Kept Secret

Kerala’s closely held, Wayanad is a beautiful little escape that can be visited in summer. However, visiting Wayanad throughout the winter season (November/December) will offer you a chance to observe one of the auspicious celebrations in Kerala called Karthigai, the celebration of lights.

Delightful little earthen lamps can be seen illuminating every house, a tradition that bears striking resemblance to the North Indian festival of Diwali. Aside from the celebration, Wayanad is an ideal location for a tranquil excursion in the midst of nature in both the summer and winter season

Best time to visit Wayanad: Throughout the year

What to see in Wayanad?

  • Waterfalls: Meenmutty Falls, Chethalayam Falls
  • Wildlife Sites: Tholpetty Sanctuary, Wayanad (Muthanga) wildlife sanctuary, Nagarhole National Park
  • Temples & Churches: Thirunelli Temple, Jain Temple, Latin Church
  • Other Attractions: Banasura Sagar Dam, Chembra Hills, Pookode Lake, Meppadi Hills, Edakkal Caves, Kuruva Islands, Pakshipathalam, Pazhassi Raja Museum, Kutta Forest

What to do in Wayanad?

  • Hiking
  • Attend Karthigai Festival (winter)
    • Karthigai is possibly the only light festival that is celebrated in Malayali houses. The village temple arranges for a bonfire of useless materials and every family takes a burning torch made of palm leaves (Chootu) from this fire to the house. Oil lights are lit in houses and the whole town radiates like a bunch of twinkling garlands on the face of dark space, an awesome sight to behold. The place is ready to hold some of the most famous events in Kerala.
  • Strolling in the tea estates
    • Harrison’s Malayalam Ltd, Achoor Estate introduces the First Tea Museum in Wayanad conveniently located 8 km from Vythiri on the Banasurasagar Dam road near Pozhuthana. The Century-old wooden three-storied Tea Factory built-in 1911 is converted into the Tea Museum. The Tea Museum has been started with the purpose of Developing a Tea Culture among youngsters & general public, knowledge sharing to Students of schools & colleges and also to provide a Tea experience to Tourists.
  1. Kalpetta– The Best Budget Alternative to Munnar

What do you do when you do wish to experience the beauty of Munnar but do not wish to become a member of the horde of tourists that flock to the destination every year? At that point, Kalpetta in Wayanad District is the appropriate response.

Encircled by coffee plantations and various temples, Kalpetta guarantees delightful vistas and a serene atmosphere that are ideal for a decent hill station visit. One can consider it a budget alternative to Munnar.

Best time to visit Kalpetta: October to May

What to see in Kalpetta?

  • Janamaithry Park
  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Chembra Peak
  • Puliyarmala Jain Temple
    • Ananthanatha Swamy Jain Temple, popularly known as Puliyarmala Jain Temple, is located at Kalpetta in Wayanad. One of the oldest Jain temples in Kerala, the temple is dedicated to Anantanatha, the 14th Tirthankaras. The main festival celebrated here is on the Makha month in the Saka Calendar.
  • Soochippara Falls
    • Soochippara Falls is a 3-tiered waterfall with a height of about 200m. The water falling from 200m forms a large pool, making it ideal for tourists and travelers to take a dip and relax. The water from the Soochipara Falls joins the Chaliyar River after flowing across Vellarimala Hills, Tamil Nadu.
  • Edakkal Caves
    • A trip to Edakkal Caves is like a journey into our forgotten past. The caves are two natural rock formations believed to have been formed by a large split in a huge rock. The carvings inside are extremely beautiful. A trek up the majestic Ambukuthi Hills is required to reach these caves. The aroma of coffee stays with you the entire way. It is truly a surreal experience as we step into the palms of history.

Best Destinations for Adventure Lovers in Kerala

  1. Nilambur– Witness Old Teak Plantation, Amazing Waterfalls, and Rich Culture

Located on the bank of the Chaliyar River, Nilambur is an incredible destination for aficionados of nature, and furthermore an ideal spot for getting a winter travel experience in Kerala. It offers a lovely climate and presents to you a taste of flawless nature while enjoying outside exercises like trekking.

Best activities to do in Nilambur incorporate exploring the oldest teak plantations on the planet at Conolly’s Plot, enjoying the vistas of lush forests, and visiting the two delightful waterfalls, Mundakadav and Adyanpara. You can likewise design an outing to Nilambur in January to witness the popular Nilambur Pattu, an old celebration of Kalampattu which is marked by creating traditional powder drawings on the floor.

Best time to visit Nilambur: December to February

What to see in Nilambur?

  • Waterfalls: Adyanpara Waterfalls, Kozhippara Waterfalls, Mundakadav waterfalls
  • Other Attractions: Nedumkayam, Conolly’s Plot, BioResources Park, The Teak Museum, Villari Mala Mountains

What to do in Nilambu?

  • Attend Nilambur Pattu
    • Nilambur Vettakkoru Makan Paattu more popularly known as Nilambur Paattu is a Hindu festival performed annually for two weeks in the first weeks of January (in the Malayalam Month of Dhanu) at the Nilambur Kovilakam temple in Malappuram. Nilambur Kovilakom refers to the royal residence of the local rulers of Nilambur, who once ruled this region called Earned.
  • Visit the Tribal Settlements in Nedumkayam
    • Nedumkayam, the hidden gem of Nilambur is a treasure trove located in the Western Ghats. Rich with flora and fauna, the Chaliyar River that flows through the heart of Nedumkayam serves as the lifeline of the wildlife here. The place is also known for its vast teak plantations. The moment you enter Nedumkayam Rainforest, you feel like the humdrum of daily life slowly melting away and the virgin scent of the forest taking over your senses.
  • Meet the Potters of Aruvanconde Village
    • Aruvacode, a small village situated in close proximity to Nilambur, is best known as a hub of art and craftworks. Famed for its fine pottery carried out by a traditional community named Kumbharan, this pottery village was revitalized by artist K.B Jinan who initiated the groundbreaking Kumbham Handicraft Project.

Best Destination for a Beach Vacation in Kerala

  1. Kannur– For Your Best Cultural Holiday in Kerala

Known for delightful seashores at proximity, Kannur is outstanding amongst other visiting places for those who enjoy spending quality time on the beach in India.

In the winter months of January or February, Kannur has its renowned Theyyam Dance Festival, consequently, alongside appreciating a stunning seashore vacay, one can enjoy a cultural heritage tour here.

Best time to visit Kannur: October to March

What to see in Kannur?

  • Beaches: Azhikkal estuary and Azhikode beaches, Muzhappilangad Beach, Adi-Kadalayi Beach, Payyambalam Beach.
  • Religious Sites: Kalari Vathukkal Temple, Muthappan Temple, Shiva Temple, Shri Maha Vishnu Temple, Sundareshwara Temple, Madayi Mosque
  • Other Attractions: Arakkal Palace & Museum, St. Angelo’s Fort, Snake Park, Valapattanam, Science Park

What to do in Kannur?

  • Birdwatching
  • Hiking
  • Ride Local Ferry
  • Attend Theyyam Dance Festival (winter)
    • Theyyam is a sacred ritual art form that dates back to at least 1,500 years and is usually performed before the village shrine, groves, and in some joint-family houses as ancestor worship with elaborate rites and rituals. The word Theyyam literally means ‘God‘ and hence the Theyyam dance is known as the ‘Dance of Gods‘.
  • Wildlife Sighting at Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is among the finest of its kind in Kerala. It plays host to an exotic array of flora and fauna and is among the most picturesque locations in the Kannur district. The entire area is covered in tropical and semi-evergreen forests and is a truly riveting sight.
  1. Poovar– Get Your Share of Vitamin Sea

Being a town which is located on the shoreline. Poovar in Thiruvananthapuram guarantees a breathtaking location where you can appreciate the best seashore getaway in Kerala.

Poovar’s principal attraction is the point where the Neyyar River can be seen converging with the Arabian Sea. The spot is ideal to relax in and appreciate boat trips with loved ones.

Best time to visit Poovar: October to February

What to see in Poovar?

  • Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Thirparappu Waterfalls
  • The Fishing Village
    • The fishing village of Poovar is located at Poovar Island. A natural Harbor, the fishing village of Poovar is enveloped in the serene Kerala backwaters, the Arabian Sea, and the Western Ghats. The fishing village of Poovar creates a magical ambiance with its lush green location, the aquatic backwaters, and the Golden rays of the sun falling on the Arabian Sea.
  • Arumanoor Koyikkavilakom Sree Bhadrakali Devi Temple
    • The most famed and legendary Arumanoor Koyikkavilakom Sree Bhadrakali Devi Temple is situated near the Thiruvananthapuram District. Arumanoor Koyikkavilakom Sree Bhadrakali is believed to be the incarnation of three legendary Goddesses and is very popular among religious people. Tourists from distant places come here to seek blessings from these Goddesses.

What to do in Poovar?

  • Witness The Great Elephant Race
    • The Great Elephant Race organized by the Tourism Department of Kerala is a colorful extravaganza starting on January 17th and lasting for a period of four days. In this race around 101 fully caparisoned elephants are marched from Thrissur to Kovalam. This grand march concludes at the Kovalam beach amidst a lot of fervor and festivities.
  • Visit the Kalaripayattu Village
    • Enjoy Kalaripayattu, a unique traditional martial art performance emanating from Kerala’s mytho-historical heritage as well as a scientific system of physical culture training. The activity takes place in a spacious and beautifully designed gallery offering its guests a clear vision of the program from a safe distance.
  • Crocodile-Watching Expeditions